You are a Unique Spark in the Universe

August 29th 2012 channeled message from a Council of High Level beings.


We are so thankful that you have gifted us with your presence today. We welcome the opportunity to engage with beings on your level any time the opportunity arises. We thank you for being open to this experience.


We would like to point out to each of you that there is a uniqueness about you, and you are gifted in a way that no one other one is gifted. And there is a spark to you, a spark of true uniqueness. And it is imperative that that spark be ignited within you. It is not a choice. It is a requirement. For there is a unique spark within each and every being, and once all of those sparks have been ignited, then they join as one unit. And we can all move on to the next level. So you see the importance of each and every being to ignite their spark, do you not?


There is within each and every one of you a tremendous power that you have not yet acknowledged within yourself. We do not speak of power as you on Earth interpret power. For to us there is no ego in power. It is just your gift. You acknowledge it. You know it. You respect it. You honor it. It is your power. Your power is no greater than another’s power.


On Earth you tend to attempt to one-up the next, and we would say to you there is no need to even bring the consideration of one-up into your vocabulary. You are all equal. You are all power. You are all unique. You are all a gift to the Universe. You are all love. So we would ask of you to respect, to honor, to love one another. To not consider, they have more than I; they are better than I; they know more than I. For when you do that, you are not recognizing your truth. You are not honoring your presence. You are not loving yourself.


We are taking a moment to check in energetically. We hope that you are enjoying this energetic experience. We hope that you are feeling some release within your physical and emotional centers, and in this space that we are creating, you are feeling and experiencing an infiltration of joy, or perhaps experiencing some balance and harmony coming within your space.


There are many who have engaged with you today, and have given you the opportunity of engaging with those of us in a different energetic space. We hope we have created a measure of comfort for you so that you will consider engaging with us more directly in the future. We have much to offer in the way of experience and information, and are more than happy to share with you to make your experience on Earth easier to navigate.


We encourage you to communicate with your loved ones on the other side, and any special beings that come into your awareness. The closeness of these communications will assist you in your personal soul growth, and will give all beings an opportunity of growth. We cannot express to you enough the joy you have brought to us today in agreeing to engage with us. And we encourage you to continue such engagement in the future. Go in love.

Channeled through Vicki Smith

Brightly Love,

Lisa Salaz



Born again with a knowing of what once was,
born again to make a mark, but something went wrong!
Another entity within this realm,
abused their rights upon my small form.

And so for years I cocooned my mind,
to stop the tears and hide the fears.
Shadows formed from that lost place,
to haunt my sleep and waking plights.
My sight was blocked from my true path,
and choices made just fell apart.

Then, I thought of you, although you have passed, dear,
I thought of you, with a smile and a tear.
And I thought a thought of something bright,
and I thought a thought of pure starlight.
I shut my eyes and find the place,
I shut my eyes and see your face.
I hear your voice within my mind, so free,
saying that my own souls destiny is up to me!

So, I searched my soul and looked real deep,
and answers came that I could keep,
of a changing path to make me bold,
where signs are clear and come from old.

written by Robyn Brown

This is written & channeled by Robyn Brown higher self; connecting and expression from soul experiences; this one spoke to me.  Robyn Brown gave me permission to post and share with the rest of you.  You can find more of her amazing work on Booksie @

With much heavenly love,

Lisa Salaz

You’re the one you have been waiting for….


Heaven on Earth


Before we ever arrive on this earth plane we gather with many councils to create our blueprint of the experiences that we wish to explore, create, and conquer in order to align us more closely with our divine source. We are in agreement with the trials and tribulations we want to endure to merge with our divine, being prepared for wholeness. All of it is critical in our alignment to the people we want to cross paths with; their stories will help us in our own self-development. Each environment creates choices; it’s up to us how we want to approach each situation. We have the tools within us to change the outcome, getting stronger with each experience. Remember, your life is a sacred expression in all you do from the way you communicate choices, eat, treat others, and love yourself. Each time you gather you learn and express more; only you can activate your blueprint to keep your dreams & goals
alive in your mind’s eye, keeping the connection is critical in bringing it into fruition. Accept the fact that you’re the architect of your soul; name and define your desired state with heart & clarity in writing to state consciousness; vowing acceptance, raising your imagination and power to manifest your dreams and goals. You have value on earth; love yourself with greater understanding of who you are; live your life, walk your walk.

Brightly Love,

Lisa Salaz


What makes “your” heart sing?

The question I hear so many ask is “What is my passion/purpose?” – a question only “you” truly can answer.  It is part of your self-discovery on your journey here on this earth plane.  Some may figure it out quicker than others; those who do are still in their own discovery in delicate balancing in your quest – power of the mind: ideas; power of transformation: creativity; power of intuition: emotions; power of practical matters: body & physical health. All these elements play a role in bringing your passion into fruition.

This leads us to the question of “What makes your heart sing?”

I will begin with my answer to this question…

What makes my heart sing is hearing myself & others laugh, wind blowing through the trees, sounds of water, views of the stars, moon, sunrise, sunset, listening to music, good food; spending these moments with the ones I love – my husband, children, dogs, family, & friends.

I feel my happiest when I am able to bring sparkle into another’s life when I am raising all my senses to vibrate at a higher frequency to connect with my guide and loved ones in the afterlife. Bringing peace and healing into one’s life to continue into their own awareness of living their glorious life that is awaiting them.

I have always been afraid to bring this passion of mine out into the open due to what others would say, think, or feel about me.  We are groomed from birth regarding what religion, ideas, emotions, & thoughts we should have.  I always felt a deep sadness, loneliness, and emptiness in my soul.  My husband blessed me with the opportunity to stay home with our kids while they were in school.  As they started to get older, I knew I wanted and needed to do something profound and unique. After some serious soul searching I realized that I have buried my passion of what my life’s purpose really is.

What is my passion & life purpose? I took the initiative to change my thoughts. “This is my story” and I will step into this transformation and create it using the tools on this earth plane combined with the energy of spirit to manifest my story. I will use my intuition to guide me to the next step and stay healthy by eating/exercising regularly, I will channel my psychic medium abilities so that I can connect and be a service to others on this earth plane.  Yes this makes my heart sing!

Reply and share; I would love to hear “What makes your heart sing”

Brightly with Love,

Lisa Salaz

Lisa Williams Medium – Soul Connections

 I have completed the Lisa Williams Advanced Medium Course April 2012.  I am listed on her Certified Spiritual Medium @ 


Through raising my vibrations and opening the channel to the afterlife through meditation, I will connect with our loved ones.  You may just get a connection with one spirit or you many have your whole family wanting to come in and say hello.  It is a fascinating and enjoyable experience which can be both moving and healing. ~Lisa Salaz

Tarot Cards

Just what exactly are they and what do they represent?  Tarot reviews the querent’s journey through life, a story being told.  Using a seventy eight card deck divided into sections, the first main division is in two parts: the Major Arcana (twenty-two cards) is connected with the element of spirit and the Minor Arcana (fifty-six cards) have an elemental association.  Arcana means “secrets”—so the Major Arcana are the “big secrets.” In practical terms, these are the cards that represent important milestones, major changes, events beyond our control, and spiritual growth.  The Minor Arcana, “lesser secrets,” generally depict events, situations, or people related to everyday life.  An important characteristic of the Minor Arcana is personal control—that is, they represent aspects of your life over which you have the control.

Each of the cards has a divinatory meaning concerned with the currents, energies, and events surrounding yourself, your life, and your choices.  The art work symbolizes the lessons of various elements which are full of many meanings.  Tarot is a very personal and spiritual development.  The cards have lessons to teach about self-development, self-improvement, and the healing of the mind and spirit.

The future is not set in stone; everything is not predetermined, and you have free will.  This is how using the tarot works as a tool; when certain events are set in motion there is a likely outcome. Tarot can tell you what will probably happen if all things remain as they are and give you a clear picture of all the elements involved and how they affect one another.  Tarot can also help you determine your best course of action in those events over which you have control.

I use the tarot as spiritual tool, serving as connection between you and the divine. I visualize my own personal interpretation of the message behind each card to bridge between your subconscious and conscious; it can help clarify your thoughts and feelings regarding a situation. It can provide guidance in times of turmoil or give you information about a situation to help you find answers or make a better decision; this is where your free will comes in.

In my readings I am being guided by higher vibrations by connecting with my guide psychically with intuition being my final word.  I also do psychic medium readings when spirit comes forward and wishes to connect to bring forward a message that is especially for you.

If you would like to expand more on this topic please reply and we will keep the energy flowing…


Free Readings

Week Febuary 27th 2012

Question:This is something that I would usually never ask for help on by I\’m so confused with myself and the person involved that I\’m not sure if I can handle it on my own anymore. There is this new guy I\’m seeing and I have no idea what to do with our relationship. He expresses to me that he cares about me in countless ways but the only time I was brave enough to ask if we were in a relationship he seemed hesitant even though he already acts like we are in one. I don\’t know if I\’m creating an issue where there isn\’t one or if I\’m being to over protective of my feelings to address them, but I don\’t know what I should do?  Anonymous

Reply:  First of all I would like to give you a big ((((HUG)))) – You will always be sweet and dear to me.  You have a unique & special purpose…

Alright dear this is about “you” and your choices; you have had much to reflect on this past year.  Be gentle on yourself and just grow into the person that you always dreamed of being.  Start by forgiving the things you can’t change and grow into the new knowing of the things you can.  We are always revolving.  This is your time to create your own world of opportunities; you have many creative thoughts, trust and act on it.  What is it that you see for yourself how does this guy fit into your passions? Choose wisely; is he to critical of your dreams?  Does he support you?  Does he hold you back?  Ask yourself is this for me that serves my dreams?  Move through the illusions, observing the truth and celebrating your passions and dreams of your life that results to your happiness. So you see dear the choice is truly yours, he will be there as long as you allow.

You will see your dreams when YOU believe it!  The magic begins….

Lisa S.

Are You Aware

Are You Aware; we have access to our inner spiritual power…


“The word ‘intuition’ comes from the Latin word ‘intueri’, which is often roughly translated as meaning ‘to look inside’’ or ‘to contemplate’  consciousness between  earthly knowledge and the higher spiritual knowledge.

Intuition is trusting our vibes, our gut feeling – knowing that our awareness is stronger than our thoughts. Our feelings are at a higher frequency which gives us those subtle messages.  We all have intuition; it’s just a matter of being tuned in and trusting that frequency to direct us on a smoother path.


Psychic comes from the Greek word “psyche”, meaning “soul.”

This is our sixth or psychic sense; being connected to our soul body.  This allows us to be connected to our Creator, through spirit guides.

When you are psychic you can look at someone and know who they really are.  You can see past the façade they stand behind.   You can recognize their soul.   You understand where their fears are, where their dreams lie, and where they must concentrate their growth.  Most of all, you can see the earliest and beautiful self lying deep within the personality of each person you meet.


A Medium is someone who communicates with spirits who have passed on to the afterlife; these spirits typically wish to convey a message to a loved one.  This opens doors at a higher realm of communication to higher spirit guides.


When you “channel” you access these higher realms by connecting with a high-level guide or your higher self, who steps down this higher vibration and makes it more readily available to you.  Channeling involves consciously shifting your mind and mental space in order to achieve an expanded state of consciousness that is called a “trance.”