As children we arrive fresh and renewed; what we are taught comes from our care takers and others in our environment of growth. We come in with wonder and imagination, but as time goes on we lose our sense of freedom and take on fears and false beliefs and create ego-based thoughts to protect ourselves which end up causing us pain. Thinking we lost the free will to dream, wonder, and live our heart’s desires, we end up making choices based on what we learned from our care takers, losing our own freedom in the process. If we go back to the magical place of self, we find our freedom to be what we intended to be.

Open your heart to change and to the freedom to speak your own truth from the source of your own being, for this opens doors of opportunities and adventure.

It is you that you have been waiting for..

With brightly love, ~Lisa Salaz


Earth Keeper Channeling

This is for you!  –  I would love to encourage you all to come read; open your heart space  allowing the energy & wisdom to flow within you!  After all the message is for each and one of us! ~Brightly Love, Lisa

Earth Keeper Channeling 10/4/12

No question was asked verbally, but as Lisa was holding the energetic space for me, she was thinking: What Earth chakra needs the most assistance? It is interesting to see what information was channeled..

We have been watching and listening to the two of you, and are very pleased with the energy that is emitted from your heart space. We would like to encourage all Earth Beings to settle more in that space of their heart, for in that space there is the possibility of much growth and LOVE emanating forth.

But not all heart spaces emanate the beautiful emerald green which we are seeing coming forth from your spaces. For in many hearts there is much fear, and we would like to point out to all who would listen that if they would consider moving into a space of a more LOVING attitude regarding everything, they will create a process of clearing the negative aspects from their heart space. It requires patience, as some things do not dissolve quickly, as they have been carried with you, deep within your cellular structure, for many lifetimes. It is captured within the collective, and brought forth to a certain extent in each and every being. But those of you who choose to live in LOVE, breathe in LOVE, be in LOVE, have dissolved that collective aspect from your cellular structure.

So it is very much an aspect we wish you would consider to bring more LOVE into your space, and into your heart, and to disregard the tendency to sit in the aspects of energy that are not for your highest good. For if you would create this space for yourself, within yourself, you would be doing much good for planet Earth. For when LOVE is emanating forth at a high degree, everything will grow and blossom. Every space will be filled with a high quality energy which will bring forth amazing results. It will create shifts, major shifts around the globe within and without Mother Earth. It will bring a sense of relief to our Mother. It would be of great assistance.

It is time for all to recognize the importance of LOVE. Of LOVING one another. Of releasing from all aspects of judgment. Of seeing when another . . . . and commending them on the wonderful movement they have made toward their own personal growth in this lifetime. There is no need for judgment to ever be placed. For each being is on their own personal journey. Learning their own lessons. Creating movement for their ascension. But many have forgotten, or lost their way, and have become mired in the negative energetic aspects. So we would stress once again the importance of bringing the LOVE into your being, and assisting others to LOVE, to remember how to LOVE.

There are many of you on planet Earth that have not had the opportunity of experiencing LOVE. It is vital. It is the essence of all life, to LOVE. Those of you who are aware and can feel the sensation of emitting the LOVE, we encourage you to assist others in bringing them into the aspect of LOVE. It would be most beneficial to Mother Earth, and we would appreciate it greatly. We are the Earth Keepers and we come in LOVE. Thank you for engaging with us today.

Channeled through Vicki Smith >

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After note:
Love is mentioned 17 times in this article.
Numerologically 17 is a highly spiritual number
17 Restores harmony
According to the Hebrew Kabala teachings 17 is Love and Peace

When 17 is numerically broken down it is 8
8 on its side is infinity
Earth is the element associated with 8; Earth is believed to give stability to people’s
lives and also help them in realizing their goals in life.
8 in Chinese numerology means New Beginning
8 is all about balance
8 is the Karmic equalizer
8 balances the material and the immaterial

My Birthday – The magic of “healing”

September 22, 1963 – What “My Birthday” means to me…..

This is a special day that I picked just for me to create my story! Up to this day I carefully picked out all that I wanted & needed (from people, places, thoughts & emotions) in this journey to make a glorious me! I could see from the very beginning it was starting with many hardships, trials and tribulations. One would wonder – why would you begin your story in such a way? You know I asked the same question; it goes back to the burning sensation I always had within me – to show others they too have the magic
of “healing” (my purpose). In order to fully understand this I needed to experience what needed healing.  From there I needed to “discover” that I had the flame (energy) within me to make choices that created my outcome from all the passions that dwelled within me! Beginning at the very source of “loving” me, I created a story for myself that “seemed” like it would strip me from any self esteem of believing in me, which guided me on my search through many pathways in my life to find the “key” to knowing I am enough!! The mystery that I discovered was “love” – but I always wondered what love was. Why does it always seem so temporary? One day in my heavy heart I had my Ah Ha moment! I realized that
I am going to LOVE & marry I AM that I AM! To the heavens and back! I marry all the wrongs and rights, forgiving myself/others, sickness/health, for all the joy and tears throughout life; this is when the magic of healing started taking place in my life and all my heart’s desires started to thrive. I am now ready to walk into my answered prayers to create a haven to connect with as many as I can to share all the wonders and glory using my spiritual awareness that has always guided me and kept me on the path to
all of you, my husband, kids, family, friends & of course my two beautiful dogs! You see, loving yourself first is the key to healing you; creating a glorious you and gifting everyone else around you with your spark ignites “Joy”. My story doesn’t end here; each year I am discovering, enjoying, loving, creating, sharing, and embracing my life that I choose here and in the afterlife!

My Birthday wish is to meet as many of you and grow, heal, love, and laugh in all the ways we make a difference in our lives! Because it is about YOU!

You see we all truly are the authors of our lives…

Brightly with love,


Personal Healing Session


Quantum-Touch is a method of natural healing that works with the Life Force Energy of the body to promote optimal wellness. Quantum-Touch is an effective method for reducing back pain, realigning structure, balancing organs, glands, and systems, reducing muscle aches, healing injuries, and is effective in alleviating symptoms of depression, anxiety, grief, and so much more.

A Unique experience especially for YOU

I begin with a reading, looking over your auric field; I channel in to receive guidance and spiritual insight, targeting setbacks from emotions and/or trauma that may have caused you to manifest the difficulties that you are experiencing today.

Then we move into Chakra clearing; cleansing, balancing and opening all major chakras, so that the body can receive universal energy to nourish your cells. This is done because over time your body can become unbalanced, under-active or closed down, blocking the life energy to the corresponding parts of your body which can lead to illness, disease, physical problems, fatigue, and depression.

I will begin with channeling and move powerful loving “energy” through you with the assistance of spirit, removing energy blockages and stagnant energies to begin cleansing and repairing the auric field. I continue to run energy through you, charging and energizing your body’s energy centers and breaking through to release negative/traumatic energy to promote healing at a cellular level.

Healing comes in a way that is unique to you and your life path. Plenty may come looking for a cure but this may not always be possible. What you will find is that the pain is relieved and becomes bearable and it may even disappear altogether. In some cases nothing happens; instead what you will receive is acceptance of what is to come with a strong sense of peace that you have never felt before, where the mind is giving comfort instead of healing the illness. This is why it is important to have an open mind, body and spirit to receive the maximum healing that is intended for you.

At times it is ideal for family members to receive healing, for they are suffering in silence with the strain and stress of it all. A healing session can bring about a sense of calm, acceptance, and peace in them as well.

After the session, you will typically receive a wonderful feeling of well-being and relaxation, regain a positive outlook and attitude toward life, feeling an increase of energy with healing efforts of relieving physical & emotional pain.

I am always with love & gratitude giving credit where credit is due. Spirit is the true healer, for I am just the instrument. It is important for you to know I am not the healer. There is no guarantee that you will be helped in the way you wish. Healing is given physically, emotionally & mentally – being open to many different methods helps with your healing process. ~Lisa Salaz