As children we arrive fresh and renewed; what we are taught comes from our care takers and others in our environment of growth. We come in with wonder and imagination, but as time goes on we lose our sense of freedom and take on fears and false beliefs and create ego-based thoughts to protect ourselves which end up causing us pain. Thinking we lost the free will to dream, wonder, and live our heart’s desires, we end up making choices based on what we learned from our care takers, losing our own freedom in the process. If we go back to the magical place of self, we find our freedom to be what we intended to be.

Open your heart to change and to the freedom to speak your own truth from the source of your own being, for this opens doors of opportunities and adventure.

It is you that you have been waiting for..

With brightly love, ~Lisa Salaz


Gratitude & Prosperity

Hello all loves and lovelies! As we move into November, Thanksgiving comes to the forefront as a powerful reminder of gratitude, love, and prosperity.

Sometimes I really feel like the clocks are ticking faster; even when I’m doing nothing the time zooms past! It seems like autumn had just begun and now it is fully upon us. I do realize how much I took the beauty of the seasons for granted until I lived in areas that didn’t experience them. Fortunately I was still able to sense the blessings & gratitude to be had in it all, even though my heart longed for the four seasons again. At one time we lived in northern CA then Texas; I had many pairs of flip-flops and great tans! But now I am privileged to be living in a state that experiences all four seasons. No matter where
you live, it’s best to go through your day being grateful for all the gifts that surround you – a simple cup of coffee, a smile from a stranger, the grass growing, food on the table, your breath…the list goes on and on! When you remain in this mindset you become aware of how fortunate you truly are and how there is always potential and room for growth out of all the wrongs in our lives.

From the day I was born, many uncertainties came starting with the way I grounded myself here. My thoughts and emotions were dominated with fear; the only thing I knew to strive for was survival. My guiding light was spirit constantly leading and watching over me – that lead me into my sister’s home so that she could raise me along with her family. She was young herself, trying to create a family without any ideas of her own. I was happy to have a safe home, clothes, and food. Even though it was chaotic it was better than before. I remember when I would start a normal school life and get to know other kids. I would see how they lived, with family gatherings and plenty of fun. They had parents that loved them, cheered them on at all their events, and had all the neat things a child would wish for. Of course their homes weren’t perfect but from my eyes it is was a dream! I would hear these kids’ cries and complaints: “I want two scoops of ice cream”, “I wanted the green one”, “I don’t want to hold your hand”, “I hate you!!” There was no gratitude. I was able to see the gift of one scoop of ice cream, any color was fine, please hold my hand, I didn’t even hate my parents; why do those kids hate so much?! I sat with this and looked at our situations and saw that they had no idea what it’s like to have none of these things. It was easy for them to take it all for granted and to not find the joy in any of it; they were
always looking for more.

I had a lot of pity for myself for a long time, where everything in my life was a struggle and nothing was just handed to me while at the same time watching others getting everything with no effort and seeing them throw it all away. Why am I so unworthy? Then I had the Ah Ha moment of my life. It was through all the experiences I endured that made me able to see and understand the value of gratitude. When we take for granted all the things we have to be thankful for, we lose the value of our own happiness. You see, this was all part of the lesson that I needed in order to be my higher self. I found myself being grateful for the experiences I endured; it was how I became gifted with discovering the true essence of
gratitude. When we learn to treasure ourselves and express gratitude for what we do have, prosperity begins in our life. Each and every day I walk through my life giving thanks from the core of my heart – the same gratitude that helped me through my fears. This is when life begins!

Take notice. These others that I was noticing in my own path that seemed to have it all and lacked gratitude were seeking the same awareness, except that they were coming from a different perspective. Everything in our lives has a reason, a purpose to make us the complete person that we are.

My heart is full of love and gratitude for each and one of you…~Lisa


A Vision of Alice

A wonderful, heartwarming poem channeled from Alice, who is on the other side, and had committed suicide, comforting her sister, Catharine, who she left behind. Thank you, Catharine for giving us permission to share this powerful message with others who may be grieving over a loss of a loved one. It is so beautiful, so powerful, and carries so much wisdom!

A Vision of Alice

I saw you in a vision
In the circle of my soul.
You came to me so stealthfully.
So peaceful and so whole.

You smiled from deep within you
With such elegance and grace.
There was no sign of sorrow
To be seen upon your face.

Not a word was ever uttered
But our hearts spoke one to one,
For I knew within an instant
You were at peace with what you’d done.

There was a wholeness to your spirit
That I’d never seen on earth,
That completeness you’d been searching for
From the moment of your birth.

You stood before me peacefully
Your spirit finally free.
And I knew in that moment
You no longer needed me.

For you the bond had been broken
You’d gone your separate way.
The need to live for others
Did not direct your day.

You’d come to give a message
One you hoped I’d hear and heed
For you were not the only one
Your death had finally freed.

You wanted me to let you go.
Not for your sake, but for mine.
For holding on to what was gone
Would bring no peace to mind.

It was time for me to love myself
And be the best me I could be.
That’s what you wanted me to know,
That you death had set me free.

In love our spirits parted
And a calmness settled in,
For you were where you wished to be . .  . .

And I could live my life for me.

By: Catharine
June 20th, 2005

My Birthday – The magic of “healing”

September 22, 1963 – What “My Birthday” means to me…..

This is a special day that I picked just for me to create my story! Up to this day I carefully picked out all that I wanted & needed (from people, places, thoughts & emotions) in this journey to make a glorious me! I could see from the very beginning it was starting with many hardships, trials and tribulations. One would wonder – why would you begin your story in such a way? You know I asked the same question; it goes back to the burning sensation I always had within me – to show others they too have the magic
of “healing” (my purpose). In order to fully understand this I needed to experience what needed healing.  From there I needed to “discover” that I had the flame (energy) within me to make choices that created my outcome from all the passions that dwelled within me! Beginning at the very source of “loving” me, I created a story for myself that “seemed” like it would strip me from any self esteem of believing in me, which guided me on my search through many pathways in my life to find the “key” to knowing I am enough!! The mystery that I discovered was “love” – but I always wondered what love was. Why does it always seem so temporary? One day in my heavy heart I had my Ah Ha moment! I realized that
I am going to LOVE & marry I AM that I AM! To the heavens and back! I marry all the wrongs and rights, forgiving myself/others, sickness/health, for all the joy and tears throughout life; this is when the magic of healing started taking place in my life and all my heart’s desires started to thrive. I am now ready to walk into my answered prayers to create a haven to connect with as many as I can to share all the wonders and glory using my spiritual awareness that has always guided me and kept me on the path to
all of you, my husband, kids, family, friends & of course my two beautiful dogs! You see, loving yourself first is the key to healing you; creating a glorious you and gifting everyone else around you with your spark ignites “Joy”. My story doesn’t end here; each year I am discovering, enjoying, loving, creating, sharing, and embracing my life that I choose here and in the afterlife!

My Birthday wish is to meet as many of you and grow, heal, love, and laugh in all the ways we make a difference in our lives! Because it is about YOU!

You see we all truly are the authors of our lives…

Brightly with love,


Personal Healing Session


Quantum-Touch is a method of natural healing that works with the Life Force Energy of the body to promote optimal wellness. Quantum-Touch is an effective method for reducing back pain, realigning structure, balancing organs, glands, and systems, reducing muscle aches, healing injuries, and is effective in alleviating symptoms of depression, anxiety, grief, and so much more.

A Unique experience especially for YOU

I begin with a reading, looking over your auric field; I channel in to receive guidance and spiritual insight, targeting setbacks from emotions and/or trauma that may have caused you to manifest the difficulties that you are experiencing today.

Then we move into Chakra clearing; cleansing, balancing and opening all major chakras, so that the body can receive universal energy to nourish your cells. This is done because over time your body can become unbalanced, under-active or closed down, blocking the life energy to the corresponding parts of your body which can lead to illness, disease, physical problems, fatigue, and depression.

I will begin with channeling and move powerful loving “energy” through you with the assistance of spirit, removing energy blockages and stagnant energies to begin cleansing and repairing the auric field. I continue to run energy through you, charging and energizing your body’s energy centers and breaking through to release negative/traumatic energy to promote healing at a cellular level.

Healing comes in a way that is unique to you and your life path. Plenty may come looking for a cure but this may not always be possible. What you will find is that the pain is relieved and becomes bearable and it may even disappear altogether. In some cases nothing happens; instead what you will receive is acceptance of what is to come with a strong sense of peace that you have never felt before, where the mind is giving comfort instead of healing the illness. This is why it is important to have an open mind, body and spirit to receive the maximum healing that is intended for you.

At times it is ideal for family members to receive healing, for they are suffering in silence with the strain and stress of it all. A healing session can bring about a sense of calm, acceptance, and peace in them as well.

After the session, you will typically receive a wonderful feeling of well-being and relaxation, regain a positive outlook and attitude toward life, feeling an increase of energy with healing efforts of relieving physical & emotional pain.

I am always with love & gratitude giving credit where credit is due. Spirit is the true healer, for I am just the instrument. It is important for you to know I am not the healer. There is no guarantee that you will be helped in the way you wish. Healing is given physically, emotionally & mentally – being open to many different methods helps with your healing process. ~Lisa Salaz

Dial In Channel Up


With Lisa Salaz & Vicki Smith
Dial 347-324-3707 

My heart is feeling so much joy for the space Vicki and I have created to share, grow, and celebrate together
all the possibilities and awareness that is within us!  We have a lineup of many awesome topics;
follow and tune in with us on Blog Talk Radio “Dial In Channel up” with us weekly!

Dial In every Tuesday 6:00 pm & Thursday 10:00 am MST

Brightly with love, ~Lisa

You are a Unique Spark in the Universe

August 29th 2012 channeled message from a Council of High Level beings.


We are so thankful that you have gifted us with your presence today. We welcome the opportunity to engage with beings on your level any time the opportunity arises. We thank you for being open to this experience.


We would like to point out to each of you that there is a uniqueness about you, and you are gifted in a way that no one other one is gifted. And there is a spark to you, a spark of true uniqueness. And it is imperative that that spark be ignited within you. It is not a choice. It is a requirement. For there is a unique spark within each and every being, and once all of those sparks have been ignited, then they join as one unit. And we can all move on to the next level. So you see the importance of each and every being to ignite their spark, do you not?


There is within each and every one of you a tremendous power that you have not yet acknowledged within yourself. We do not speak of power as you on Earth interpret power. For to us there is no ego in power. It is just your gift. You acknowledge it. You know it. You respect it. You honor it. It is your power. Your power is no greater than another’s power.


On Earth you tend to attempt to one-up the next, and we would say to you there is no need to even bring the consideration of one-up into your vocabulary. You are all equal. You are all power. You are all unique. You are all a gift to the Universe. You are all love. So we would ask of you to respect, to honor, to love one another. To not consider, they have more than I; they are better than I; they know more than I. For when you do that, you are not recognizing your truth. You are not honoring your presence. You are not loving yourself.


We are taking a moment to check in energetically. We hope that you are enjoying this energetic experience. We hope that you are feeling some release within your physical and emotional centers, and in this space that we are creating, you are feeling and experiencing an infiltration of joy, or perhaps experiencing some balance and harmony coming within your space.


There are many who have engaged with you today, and have given you the opportunity of engaging with those of us in a different energetic space. We hope we have created a measure of comfort for you so that you will consider engaging with us more directly in the future. We have much to offer in the way of experience and information, and are more than happy to share with you to make your experience on Earth easier to navigate.


We encourage you to communicate with your loved ones on the other side, and any special beings that come into your awareness. The closeness of these communications will assist you in your personal soul growth, and will give all beings an opportunity of growth. We cannot express to you enough the joy you have brought to us today in agreeing to engage with us. And we encourage you to continue such engagement in the future. Go in love.

Channeled through Vicki Smith

Brightly Love,

Lisa Salaz

Channeling Archangel Raphael

July 28th 2012 Vicki Smith & Lisa Salaz held a mediumship group in Grand Junction; Vicki closed it with channeling Archangel Raphael; for those that would love to engage in a loving/healing message please follow the link to

Good afternoon – and hasn’t this been an amazing exchange of information today?  We appreciate and applaud all of you for coming, and interacting in this harmonious event.  You must understand that the veil is thinning evermore  and evermore, and as the thinning of the veil continues, you will be awarded the opportunity of seeing and feeling more.  And we would ask that you take a moment to check in with yourself, and see if you do not feel the enhanced energy that is coming through at this moment.  We would ask that you hone in on your heart, the physical heart as well as the heart chakra, and also that space to the right of it, and see if you do not feel a wonderful joyful energy joining with you at this moment.

There are many around you.  We have created a circle in this room, and we have lovingly encompassed you within this energy.  We have also created a vacuum for emission control for we have noticed that there is much energy in this room that is not of the highest quality.  As the mediums who have worked with you today have released much from your cellular structure and your DNA.  We would encourage you to drink water – much water when you leave this event for there is much movement that has taken place on all avenues, on all levels of your physical, your spiritual, your mental, your emotional being.  There has been much garbage removed, do you not agree?

As we look at each of  you singularly, we see much power.  We see much grace.  We see very intelligent old souls.  We would encourage you to step into your truth; the reality of who you are.  This is something that has escaped you up to this point, but recognize that this event today has created a space, an opportunity for you to  move forward into the grace of who you are, into that powerful being; the all knowing.  You have the abilities.  You must only create the space.  By that we mean enter into the space within; the space we call the higher self; the all knowing; the knowledge; the creator.  For each and every one of you is a creator, and yet you do not recognize that within yourselves.

We would ask that you spend more time playing; playing and creating.  For when you are in that joyful space of your heart, there is an opportunity for so much to flow forth.  There has been much energy generated here.  We are quite happy that the windows are open for there has been much, much emotional trauma released from your cellular structure.  For this we are grateful.  Recognize the importance of drinking much water for there has been much release and expansion today.

And we would ask, we see, we see a possibility in you of closing after you leave this event, and we would ask that you remain open, and that you continue to seek knowledge, and move into the power of who you are, and become the creator that you are.  Creation comes from love and joy.

We would ask one thing of you, that there be more joy.  That there be more love.  That there be less worry, there be less guilt, there be less fret.  As you sit in this energy, know that you are loved.  We are going to take a moment now as we come closer to you and engage energetically with you in a space of love and joy.  And as you feel us come closer, we would hope that you recognize the sensation of our love and you recalibrate with the true essence of love and joy so that you can leave this physical building and take with you always that which you have engaged with today.  Thank you.  You honor us with your presence. ~Archangel Raphael

If you would like to know more about Vicki Smith you can find her at the following links

Brightly with Love & Blessings,

Lisa Salaz