My Birthday – The magic of “healing”

September 22, 1963 – What “My Birthday” means to me…..

This is a special day that I picked just for me to create my story! Up to this day I carefully picked out all that I wanted & needed (from people, places, thoughts & emotions) in this journey to make a glorious me! I could see from the very beginning it was starting with many hardships, trials and tribulations. One would wonder – why would you begin your story in such a way? You know I asked the same question; it goes back to the burning sensation I always had within me – to show others they too have the magic
of “healing” (my purpose). In order to fully understand this I needed to experience what needed healing.  From there I needed to “discover” that I had the flame (energy) within me to make choices that created my outcome from all the passions that dwelled within me! Beginning at the very source of “loving” me, I created a story for myself that “seemed” like it would strip me from any self esteem of believing in me, which guided me on my search through many pathways in my life to find the “key” to knowing I am enough!! The mystery that I discovered was “love” – but I always wondered what love was. Why does it always seem so temporary? One day in my heavy heart I had my Ah Ha moment! I realized that
I am going to LOVE & marry I AM that I AM! To the heavens and back! I marry all the wrongs and rights, forgiving myself/others, sickness/health, for all the joy and tears throughout life; this is when the magic of healing started taking place in my life and all my heart’s desires started to thrive. I am now ready to walk into my answered prayers to create a haven to connect with as many as I can to share all the wonders and glory using my spiritual awareness that has always guided me and kept me on the path to
all of you, my husband, kids, family, friends & of course my two beautiful dogs! You see, loving yourself first is the key to healing you; creating a glorious you and gifting everyone else around you with your spark ignites “Joy”. My story doesn’t end here; each year I am discovering, enjoying, loving, creating, sharing, and embracing my life that I choose here and in the afterlife!

My Birthday wish is to meet as many of you and grow, heal, love, and laugh in all the ways we make a difference in our lives! Because it is about YOU!

You see we all truly are the authors of our lives…

Brightly with love,