As children we arrive fresh and renewed; what we are taught comes from our care takers and others in our environment of growth. We come in with wonder and imagination, but as time goes on we lose our sense of freedom and take on fears and false beliefs and create ego-based thoughts to protect ourselves which end up causing us pain. Thinking we lost the free will to dream, wonder, and live our heart’s desires, we end up making choices based on what we learned from our care takers, losing our own freedom in the process. If we go back to the magical place of self, we find our freedom to be what we intended to be.

Open your heart to change and to the freedom to speak your own truth from the source of your own being, for this opens doors of opportunities and adventure.

It is you that you have been waiting for..

With brightly love, ~Lisa Salaz


Vision Board 2014


Creating your vision board

I have been creating my own vision board for several years now and I find them to be inspirational with a loving touch of vibrational harmony.  I have already been reflecting on my theme word and my dreams & goals for this New Year.

Last year my theme word was “Inspire”. WOW! What a year it has been! I sit here with tears just reflecting on it all, with much love & gratitude to all of you!  We are creating a spark into the universe together; the possibilities are endless – all we have to do is step into the experience.

I would like to share with you the steps I took to create my own vision board; remember this is your vision board – allow yourself to shine!

1)      Pick a theme word

2)      Collect a board, glue, & markers *be creative and use anything that you fancy

3)      Collect clippings from magazines, photos, affirmations, etc. * this is where your
dreams & goals come to fruition.

4)      Creatively start pasting on your board.  Sit with each one and resonate with it,
applying love & gratitude.

5)      Sit in stillness with your board and imagine yourself already living and breathing all
the wonders you have created for yourself.  * I like to bless my board by feathering
burning sage onto my board. You can dance, sing – whatever your heart desires!  It’s
all about you!!

6)      Put your board somewhere that you know you will be aware of its presence,
reminding you of the power of your choices!!

If you would like additional encouragement and sparks for your theme word with more clarity of your theme board – I would love to assist.

 My vision board special  $25.00 for 15 minutes – You will receive a added special to this one to receive $25.00 of a one our reading with me.

Brightly with love, ~Lisa


Gratitude & Prosperity

Hello all loves and lovelies! As we move into November, Thanksgiving comes to the forefront as a powerful reminder of gratitude, love, and prosperity.

Sometimes I really feel like the clocks are ticking faster; even when I’m doing nothing the time zooms past! It seems like autumn had just begun and now it is fully upon us. I do realize how much I took the beauty of the seasons for granted until I lived in areas that didn’t experience them. Fortunately I was still able to sense the blessings & gratitude to be had in it all, even though my heart longed for the four seasons again. At one time we lived in northern CA then Texas; I had many pairs of flip-flops and great tans! But now I am privileged to be living in a state that experiences all four seasons. No matter where
you live, it’s best to go through your day being grateful for all the gifts that surround you – a simple cup of coffee, a smile from a stranger, the grass growing, food on the table, your breath…the list goes on and on! When you remain in this mindset you become aware of how fortunate you truly are and how there is always potential and room for growth out of all the wrongs in our lives.

From the day I was born, many uncertainties came starting with the way I grounded myself here. My thoughts and emotions were dominated with fear; the only thing I knew to strive for was survival. My guiding light was spirit constantly leading and watching over me – that lead me into my sister’s home so that she could raise me along with her family. She was young herself, trying to create a family without any ideas of her own. I was happy to have a safe home, clothes, and food. Even though it was chaotic it was better than before. I remember when I would start a normal school life and get to know other kids. I would see how they lived, with family gatherings and plenty of fun. They had parents that loved them, cheered them on at all their events, and had all the neat things a child would wish for. Of course their homes weren’t perfect but from my eyes it is was a dream! I would hear these kids’ cries and complaints: “I want two scoops of ice cream”, “I wanted the green one”, “I don’t want to hold your hand”, “I hate you!!” There was no gratitude. I was able to see the gift of one scoop of ice cream, any color was fine, please hold my hand, I didn’t even hate my parents; why do those kids hate so much?! I sat with this and looked at our situations and saw that they had no idea what it’s like to have none of these things. It was easy for them to take it all for granted and to not find the joy in any of it; they were
always looking for more.

I had a lot of pity for myself for a long time, where everything in my life was a struggle and nothing was just handed to me while at the same time watching others getting everything with no effort and seeing them throw it all away. Why am I so unworthy? Then I had the Ah Ha moment of my life. It was through all the experiences I endured that made me able to see and understand the value of gratitude. When we take for granted all the things we have to be thankful for, we lose the value of our own happiness. You see, this was all part of the lesson that I needed in order to be my higher self. I found myself being grateful for the experiences I endured; it was how I became gifted with discovering the true essence of
gratitude. When we learn to treasure ourselves and express gratitude for what we do have, prosperity begins in our life. Each and every day I walk through my life giving thanks from the core of my heart – the same gratitude that helped me through my fears. This is when life begins!

Take notice. These others that I was noticing in my own path that seemed to have it all and lacked gratitude were seeking the same awareness, except that they were coming from a different perspective. Everything in our lives has a reason, a purpose to make us the complete person that we are.

My heart is full of love and gratitude for each and one of you…~Lisa