Vision Board 2014


Creating your vision board

I have been creating my own vision board for several years now and I find them to be inspirational with a loving touch of vibrational harmony.  I have already been reflecting on my theme word and my dreams & goals for this New Year.

Last year my theme word was “Inspire”. WOW! What a year it has been! I sit here with tears just reflecting on it all, with much love & gratitude to all of you!  We are creating a spark into the universe together; the possibilities are endless – all we have to do is step into the experience.

I would like to share with you the steps I took to create my own vision board; remember this is your vision board – allow yourself to shine!

1)      Pick a theme word

2)      Collect a board, glue, & markers *be creative and use anything that you fancy

3)      Collect clippings from magazines, photos, affirmations, etc. * this is where your
dreams & goals come to fruition.

4)      Creatively start pasting on your board.  Sit with each one and resonate with it,
applying love & gratitude.

5)      Sit in stillness with your board and imagine yourself already living and breathing all
the wonders you have created for yourself.  * I like to bless my board by feathering
burning sage onto my board. You can dance, sing – whatever your heart desires!  It’s
all about you!!

6)      Put your board somewhere that you know you will be aware of its presence,
reminding you of the power of your choices!!

If you would like additional encouragement and sparks for your theme word with more clarity of your theme board – I would love to assist.

 My vision board special  $25.00 for 15 minutes – You will receive a added special to this one to receive $25.00 of a one our reading with me.

Brightly with love, ~Lisa




Born again with a knowing of what once was,
born again to make a mark, but something went wrong!
Another entity within this realm,
abused their rights upon my small form.

And so for years I cocooned my mind,
to stop the tears and hide the fears.
Shadows formed from that lost place,
to haunt my sleep and waking plights.
My sight was blocked from my true path,
and choices made just fell apart.

Then, I thought of you, although you have passed, dear,
I thought of you, with a smile and a tear.
And I thought a thought of something bright,
and I thought a thought of pure starlight.
I shut my eyes and find the place,
I shut my eyes and see your face.
I hear your voice within my mind, so free,
saying that my own souls destiny is up to me!

So, I searched my soul and looked real deep,
and answers came that I could keep,
of a changing path to make me bold,
where signs are clear and come from old.

written by Robyn Brown

This is written & channeled by Robyn Brown higher self; connecting and expression from soul experiences; this one spoke to me.  Robyn Brown gave me permission to post and share with the rest of you.  You can find more of her amazing work on Booksie @

With much heavenly love,

Lisa Salaz

What makes “your” heart sing?

The question I hear so many ask is “What is my passion/purpose?” – a question only “you” truly can answer.  It is part of your self-discovery on your journey here on this earth plane.  Some may figure it out quicker than others; those who do are still in their own discovery in delicate balancing in your quest – power of the mind: ideas; power of transformation: creativity; power of intuition: emotions; power of practical matters: body & physical health. All these elements play a role in bringing your passion into fruition.

This leads us to the question of “What makes your heart sing?”

I will begin with my answer to this question…

What makes my heart sing is hearing myself & others laugh, wind blowing through the trees, sounds of water, views of the stars, moon, sunrise, sunset, listening to music, good food; spending these moments with the ones I love – my husband, children, dogs, family, & friends.

I feel my happiest when I am able to bring sparkle into another’s life when I am raising all my senses to vibrate at a higher frequency to connect with my guide and loved ones in the afterlife. Bringing peace and healing into one’s life to continue into their own awareness of living their glorious life that is awaiting them.

I have always been afraid to bring this passion of mine out into the open due to what others would say, think, or feel about me.  We are groomed from birth regarding what religion, ideas, emotions, & thoughts we should have.  I always felt a deep sadness, loneliness, and emptiness in my soul.  My husband blessed me with the opportunity to stay home with our kids while they were in school.  As they started to get older, I knew I wanted and needed to do something profound and unique. After some serious soul searching I realized that I have buried my passion of what my life’s purpose really is.

What is my passion & life purpose? I took the initiative to change my thoughts. “This is my story” and I will step into this transformation and create it using the tools on this earth plane combined with the energy of spirit to manifest my story. I will use my intuition to guide me to the next step and stay healthy by eating/exercising regularly, I will channel my psychic medium abilities so that I can connect and be a service to others on this earth plane.  Yes this makes my heart sing!

Reply and share; I would love to hear “What makes your heart sing”

Brightly with Love,

Lisa Salaz


I have been reflecting on love a lot now that we have arrived in the month of February, 2012.   We start to see the shelves in stores lined up with candy, stuffed animals, flowers, cards, balloons, etc., reminding us of Valentine’s Day. I used to feel a sense of sadness during these times if I didn’t have a companion to share this special day that we’re dedicating to LOVE.   I would start to think, “What is wrong with me, why can’t I have a special someone in my life?” In this moment I would reflect deeper and discover that I do have someone, I have ME.

The importance of loving “YOU”

I have learned that we look outside of ourselves to find love or self-worth. We have status, friends, nice things, etc., but deep down we feel no real joy. We start to question why don’t I “feel” love in my life?

So I ask, “What does love mean to me?”  Love is being patient, kind, gentle, forgiving, supporting, allowing, joy, gratitude, praise.  Love is unconditional.

Being patient is a necessity as we are growing and learning who we are in our journey through life.  Being kind when we make mistakes gives us the space to see and understand how our thoughts can change our outcomes. Being gentle enough to know that we don’t have to be so hard on ourselves, but instead celebrate our self-discoveries. Allow ourselves the space to feel our emotions, sit with them for a while and release, forgiving all the wrongs that we can’t change, and accepting the things that we can.  Praise life and all the wonders it offers – the joy we experience being our true self.

You see, when we learn the importance of loving ourselves then we are able to welcome love in.

I am grateful to say I have grown to love “me”, which has blessed me with my wonderful husband Sean and our children Brandon, Maria, Claressa, & Jason, and our dogs Lady & Hachi.

Always with love,



I would like to make my first post to a special someone that will always be acknowledged, remembered and dear to me. She helped me when I was at a loss for building (or even knowing where to begin) my web-page for Inner Spirit Rhythm. I knew my passion was to connect with all of you, knowing the Internet would be the best source of union. Wennie, who is now a dear friend of mine, volunteered to help me with this process and now here I am making my first post to my Blog! Not only did she create my Inner Spirit Rhythm website, she has many treasures of her own. Besides designing web pages, she is a gifted reader who channels as well. She is an artist that creates from the heart. I am proud to call her my friend who truly has blessed me on my journey of evolution with all of you! Always with gratitude…Love, Lisa