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Week Febuary 27th 2012

Question:This is something that I would usually never ask for help on by I\’m so confused with myself and the person involved that I\’m not sure if I can handle it on my own anymore. There is this new guy I\’m seeing and I have no idea what to do with our relationship. He expresses to me that he cares about me in countless ways but the only time I was brave enough to ask if we were in a relationship he seemed hesitant even though he already acts like we are in one. I don\’t know if I\’m creating an issue where there isn\’t one or if I\’m being to over protective of my feelings to address them, but I don\’t know what I should do?  Anonymous

Reply:  First of all I would like to give you a big ((((HUG)))) – You will always be sweet and dear to me.  You have a unique & special purpose…

Alright dear this is about “you” and your choices; you have had much to reflect on this past year.  Be gentle on yourself and just grow into the person that you always dreamed of being.  Start by forgiving the things you can’t change and grow into the new knowing of the things you can.  We are always revolving.  This is your time to create your own world of opportunities; you have many creative thoughts, trust and act on it.  What is it that you see for yourself how does this guy fit into your passions? Choose wisely; is he to critical of your dreams?  Does he support you?  Does he hold you back?  Ask yourself is this for me that serves my dreams?  Move through the illusions, observing the truth and celebrating your passions and dreams of your life that results to your happiness. So you see dear the choice is truly yours, he will be there as long as you allow.

You will see your dreams when YOU believe it!  The magic begins….

Lisa S.

Are You Aware

Are You Aware; we have access to our inner spiritual power…


“The word ‘intuition’ comes from the Latin word ‘intueri’, which is often roughly translated as meaning ‘to look inside’’ or ‘to contemplate’  consciousness between  earthly knowledge and the higher spiritual knowledge.

Intuition is trusting our vibes, our gut feeling – knowing that our awareness is stronger than our thoughts. Our feelings are at a higher frequency which gives us those subtle messages.  We all have intuition; it’s just a matter of being tuned in and trusting that frequency to direct us on a smoother path.


Psychic comes from the Greek word “psyche”, meaning “soul.”

This is our sixth or psychic sense; being connected to our soul body.  This allows us to be connected to our Creator, through spirit guides.

When you are psychic you can look at someone and know who they really are.  You can see past the façade they stand behind.   You can recognize their soul.   You understand where their fears are, where their dreams lie, and where they must concentrate their growth.  Most of all, you can see the earliest and beautiful self lying deep within the personality of each person you meet.


A Medium is someone who communicates with spirits who have passed on to the afterlife; these spirits typically wish to convey a message to a loved one.  This opens doors at a higher realm of communication to higher spirit guides.


When you “channel” you access these higher realms by connecting with a high-level guide or your higher self, who steps down this higher vibration and makes it more readily available to you.  Channeling involves consciously shifting your mind and mental space in order to achieve an expanded state of consciousness that is called a “trance.”


Higher Purpose

What is Higher Purpose?   It is the vast scope of all the things we are here to learn.  Our experiences big and small, from our job and daily activities to whatever we are involved in, has to do with our higher purpose.

How do our activities fit into our higher purpose?   Some examples are learning to be selfless, personal growth, and loving unconditionally.  Many different lessons of higher purpose are being accomplished here.  Another example would involve an artist; they are here to create a vision through their minds eye using their hands, bringing healing energy, manifesting enlightenment.

Everything is framed to our higher purpose: patience, trust, mastering our thoughts, opening our hearts, getting beyond our judgments, loving ourselves and others, abundance and more. Our Soul always has a purpose no matter where we are. You see, all participation has hidden reasons.

Whatever we feel like we can’t handle we are drawn to.  For example if you always seem to find yourself surrounded by negative energy, you are learning how to transfuse negative energy.

What we allow ourselves to have here we take with us in the other realms.  This takes our experiences higher and makes a shift in our higher consciousness.   As soon as you learn it, it goes away – the problem is gone; all for our higher purpose which is heaven on earth.

This is where I like to show you how looking at the bigger picture and how shifting our beliefs to making breakthroughs to higher purpose.


I would love to hear your thoughts, please leave a reply if it calls to you..


Hello all Spirit Dancers! I love to welcome you to our community that I created to bring us all together to grow in enlightenment. You may ask, “What does this mean?” It means bringing “Enlightenment of the eyes, the heart, and the soul to all that is; a clear focus of one’s own issues and the world around them.” We are creating a “Mystic Haven” which is a private room where you will be able to create your very own special “spirit name” and design your own profile page.  We will have a chat room where all spirit dancers from our community can gather for inspirations.  I will be creating a large range of topics for us to expand awareness together in our special Mystic Haven home.   I am open to grow with all of you and discover our passion and all that inspires us just to be….

Always with Love,



I have been reflecting on love a lot now that we have arrived in the month of February, 2012.   We start to see the shelves in stores lined up with candy, stuffed animals, flowers, cards, balloons, etc., reminding us of Valentine’s Day. I used to feel a sense of sadness during these times if I didn’t have a companion to share this special day that we’re dedicating to LOVE.   I would start to think, “What is wrong with me, why can’t I have a special someone in my life?” In this moment I would reflect deeper and discover that I do have someone, I have ME.

The importance of loving “YOU”

I have learned that we look outside of ourselves to find love or self-worth. We have status, friends, nice things, etc., but deep down we feel no real joy. We start to question why don’t I “feel” love in my life?

So I ask, “What does love mean to me?”  Love is being patient, kind, gentle, forgiving, supporting, allowing, joy, gratitude, praise.  Love is unconditional.

Being patient is a necessity as we are growing and learning who we are in our journey through life.  Being kind when we make mistakes gives us the space to see and understand how our thoughts can change our outcomes. Being gentle enough to know that we don’t have to be so hard on ourselves, but instead celebrate our self-discoveries. Allow ourselves the space to feel our emotions, sit with them for a while and release, forgiving all the wrongs that we can’t change, and accepting the things that we can.  Praise life and all the wonders it offers – the joy we experience being our true self.

You see, when we learn the importance of loving ourselves then we are able to welcome love in.

I am grateful to say I have grown to love “me”, which has blessed me with my wonderful husband Sean and our children Brandon, Maria, Claressa, & Jason, and our dogs Lady & Hachi.

Always with love,


Chakras – Your seven energy centers

The seven Chakras are the windows of the soul; the healing light of joy, freedom, peace, love, power, vision, & wisdom.

I would like to give you a quick review of the seven Chakras with a brief, simple meaning of each Chakra and its color.  First of all, Chakra means “wheel” in Sanskrit.  Each Chakra is like a disc with a source of energy in color.  Each color has a specific source of energy; an easy way to remember the colors is to think of the rainbow, with the same alignment of colors.  When I was a little girl I used to look at the rainbow and would see it as energy – now I know why.  Have you ever heard of anyone who was able to see people’s aura?  Well, they are seeing the energy system of our Chakras.  The seven Chakras start at the base of the spine and go up to the crown of our head.  We all have experienced energy flowing through our seven Chakras, whether we’ve realized it or not.  We all have areas of strengths and weaknesses.  As we travel down our individual path of self-transformation, we are learning to use our strengths to overcome our weaknesses.

Alright, let’s get started with the base of the spine and go up to our crown…

Base of the Spine ChakraRed; also known as “root”, “base”, or “foundation”. This is how we ground ourselves to the physical world, with nature & our environment.  How we choose to use our energy with the base chakra determines the potential of our other chakras – they remain dormant or become fully awakened.

Seat of the Soul Chakra – Orange; this is where we find freedom to be all we are meant to be.  Fluidity, emotions, and movement are set here.  I’m sure you’ve said, “My gut feeling tells me” – this is the energy source where that comes from; our soul identity – being true to ourselves.

Solar-Plexus Chakra – Yellow; how we are directing our energy, dealing with the tests and trials of our karma.  We learn to cultivate inner peace.  This is the area where we get those “butterfly feelings”.

Heart ChakraGreen; life lessons become love in action… The most important energy center in our body, physically and spiritually. Our God energy passes through our heart chakra, it takes on its imprint – a unique vibration and quality of your heart. Purify love with divine spirit and all its vastness.

Throat Chakra: Blue; this is our power center.  Here is the mastery of using our minds and our hearts through our spoken word. That mastery involves not only what we say but how we say it; and what we choose not to say.

Third-Eye ChakraIndigo; we can access the power of inner vision to perceive the reality of a situation.  Your third-eye chakra is holding the highest vision of yourself.  This is about looking within for your truth in any given situation.

Crown ChakraPurple; where we receive and experience wisdom and enlightenment. Being awake to our inner potential; reaching for a higher source of knowledge.

Mind, Body & Spirit…

Love & Light



I would like to make my first post to a special someone that will always be acknowledged, remembered and dear to me. She helped me when I was at a loss for building (or even knowing where to begin) my web-page for Inner Spirit Rhythm. I knew my passion was to connect with all of you, knowing the Internet would be the best source of union. Wennie, who is now a dear friend of mine, volunteered to help me with this process and now here I am making my first post to my Blog! Not only did she create my Inner Spirit Rhythm website, she has many treasures of her own. Besides designing web pages, she is a gifted reader who channels as well. She is an artist that creates from the heart. I am proud to call her my friend who truly has blessed me on my journey of evolution with all of you! Always with gratitude…Love, Lisa