Mediumship – Messages from the After Life

Death is like a journey into outer space: you never know what you’re going to encounter.  You have to embrace it and accept it.  Know that it is coming no matter what you are doing in life.  ~Lisa Williams “Guide Ariel”

Crossing from this world to the next can be a brilliant process of events, one that we all will endure and will come to accept and embrace.  What keeps us attached from this life to the next is an energetic connection referred to as the silver cord.  This silver cord is linked to each of our seven major chakras, it’s also the life line through which your soul feeds energy and information to your physical body. As we become weak this effects the weakening of the silver cord, as our soul moves up from our physical body, the silver cord breaks; we are no longer linked to our physical body. Our souls moves toward the veil then onto the white light. The white light is known to blind human eyes, in the spirit realm it is pure love beyond any understanding on this earth plane.

When a person passes over they become energy; this energy is used by our dearly departed loved ones to let us know they are okay.  They don’t have a physical body so they leave signs to show us they are very much around us. As a medium I open myself up and work with my guide to create a bridge for spirits to deliver messages to their loved ones who are still on this earth plane, allowing closure from this world to the next.

When we leave this earth plane it is more frustrating for spirits to communicate with us. They hear, see, and feel us; the challenge is getting us to recognize the signs they leave behind. They are always trying to get our attention through symbols such as coins, music, feathers, billboards, birds, insects, books; these are just a few of the many ways they choose to communicate with us.  Another way is channeling through a medium to make a connection.  This is so rewarding – to receive the message that “Yes” they are okay. They are always with us and love us so very much and want us to know that we will all be together again.  Live your life full and they will be there when you return home to the spiritual world.

If you would like to expand on this topic, please leave a reply and I would love to keep the energy flowing…

Love & Light,

~Lisa Salaz