Channeling Archangel Raphael

July 28th 2012 Vicki Smith & Lisa Salaz held a mediumship group in Grand Junction; Vicki closed it with channeling Archangel Raphael; for those that would love to engage in a loving/healing message please follow the link to

Good afternoon – and hasn’t this been an amazing exchange of information today?  We appreciate and applaud all of you for coming, and interacting in this harmonious event.  You must understand that the veil is thinning evermore  and evermore, and as the thinning of the veil continues, you will be awarded the opportunity of seeing and feeling more.  And we would ask that you take a moment to check in with yourself, and see if you do not feel the enhanced energy that is coming through at this moment.  We would ask that you hone in on your heart, the physical heart as well as the heart chakra, and also that space to the right of it, and see if you do not feel a wonderful joyful energy joining with you at this moment.

There are many around you.  We have created a circle in this room, and we have lovingly encompassed you within this energy.  We have also created a vacuum for emission control for we have noticed that there is much energy in this room that is not of the highest quality.  As the mediums who have worked with you today have released much from your cellular structure and your DNA.  We would encourage you to drink water – much water when you leave this event for there is much movement that has taken place on all avenues, on all levels of your physical, your spiritual, your mental, your emotional being.  There has been much garbage removed, do you not agree?

As we look at each of  you singularly, we see much power.  We see much grace.  We see very intelligent old souls.  We would encourage you to step into your truth; the reality of who you are.  This is something that has escaped you up to this point, but recognize that this event today has created a space, an opportunity for you to  move forward into the grace of who you are, into that powerful being; the all knowing.  You have the abilities.  You must only create the space.  By that we mean enter into the space within; the space we call the higher self; the all knowing; the knowledge; the creator.  For each and every one of you is a creator, and yet you do not recognize that within yourselves.

We would ask that you spend more time playing; playing and creating.  For when you are in that joyful space of your heart, there is an opportunity for so much to flow forth.  There has been much energy generated here.  We are quite happy that the windows are open for there has been much, much emotional trauma released from your cellular structure.  For this we are grateful.  Recognize the importance of drinking much water for there has been much release and expansion today.

And we would ask, we see, we see a possibility in you of closing after you leave this event, and we would ask that you remain open, and that you continue to seek knowledge, and move into the power of who you are, and become the creator that you are.  Creation comes from love and joy.

We would ask one thing of you, that there be more joy.  That there be more love.  That there be less worry, there be less guilt, there be less fret.  As you sit in this energy, know that you are loved.  We are going to take a moment now as we come closer to you and engage energetically with you in a space of love and joy.  And as you feel us come closer, we would hope that you recognize the sensation of our love and you recalibrate with the true essence of love and joy so that you can leave this physical building and take with you always that which you have engaged with today.  Thank you.  You honor us with your presence. ~Archangel Raphael

If you would like to know more about Vicki Smith you can find her at the following links

Brightly with Love & Blessings,

Lisa Salaz

You’re the one you have been waiting for….


Heaven on Earth


Before we ever arrive on this earth plane we gather with many councils to create our blueprint of the experiences that we wish to explore, create, and conquer in order to align us more closely with our divine source. We are in agreement with the trials and tribulations we want to endure to merge with our divine, being prepared for wholeness. All of it is critical in our alignment to the people we want to cross paths with; their stories will help us in our own self-development. Each environment creates choices; it’s up to us how we want to approach each situation. We have the tools within us to change the outcome, getting stronger with each experience. Remember, your life is a sacred expression in all you do from the way you communicate choices, eat, treat others, and love yourself. Each time you gather you learn and express more; only you can activate your blueprint to keep your dreams & goals
alive in your mind’s eye, keeping the connection is critical in bringing it into fruition. Accept the fact that you’re the architect of your soul; name and define your desired state with heart & clarity in writing to state consciousness; vowing acceptance, raising your imagination and power to manifest your dreams and goals. You have value on earth; love yourself with greater understanding of who you are; live your life, walk your walk.

Brightly Love,

Lisa Salaz


What makes “your” heart sing?

The question I hear so many ask is “What is my passion/purpose?” – a question only “you” truly can answer.  It is part of your self-discovery on your journey here on this earth plane.  Some may figure it out quicker than others; those who do are still in their own discovery in delicate balancing in your quest – power of the mind: ideas; power of transformation: creativity; power of intuition: emotions; power of practical matters: body & physical health. All these elements play a role in bringing your passion into fruition.

This leads us to the question of “What makes your heart sing?”

I will begin with my answer to this question…

What makes my heart sing is hearing myself & others laugh, wind blowing through the trees, sounds of water, views of the stars, moon, sunrise, sunset, listening to music, good food; spending these moments with the ones I love – my husband, children, dogs, family, & friends.

I feel my happiest when I am able to bring sparkle into another’s life when I am raising all my senses to vibrate at a higher frequency to connect with my guide and loved ones in the afterlife. Bringing peace and healing into one’s life to continue into their own awareness of living their glorious life that is awaiting them.

I have always been afraid to bring this passion of mine out into the open due to what others would say, think, or feel about me.  We are groomed from birth regarding what religion, ideas, emotions, & thoughts we should have.  I always felt a deep sadness, loneliness, and emptiness in my soul.  My husband blessed me with the opportunity to stay home with our kids while they were in school.  As they started to get older, I knew I wanted and needed to do something profound and unique. After some serious soul searching I realized that I have buried my passion of what my life’s purpose really is.

What is my passion & life purpose? I took the initiative to change my thoughts. “This is my story” and I will step into this transformation and create it using the tools on this earth plane combined with the energy of spirit to manifest my story. I will use my intuition to guide me to the next step and stay healthy by eating/exercising regularly, I will channel my psychic medium abilities so that I can connect and be a service to others on this earth plane.  Yes this makes my heart sing!

Reply and share; I would love to hear “What makes your heart sing”

Brightly with Love,

Lisa Salaz