You are a Unique Spark in the Universe

August 29th 2012 channeled message from a Council of High Level beings.


We are so thankful that you have gifted us with your presence today. We welcome the opportunity to engage with beings on your level any time the opportunity arises. We thank you for being open to this experience.


We would like to point out to each of you that there is a uniqueness about you, and you are gifted in a way that no one other one is gifted. And there is a spark to you, a spark of true uniqueness. And it is imperative that that spark be ignited within you. It is not a choice. It is a requirement. For there is a unique spark within each and every being, and once all of those sparks have been ignited, then they join as one unit. And we can all move on to the next level. So you see the importance of each and every being to ignite their spark, do you not?


There is within each and every one of you a tremendous power that you have not yet acknowledged within yourself. We do not speak of power as you on Earth interpret power. For to us there is no ego in power. It is just your gift. You acknowledge it. You know it. You respect it. You honor it. It is your power. Your power is no greater than another’s power.


On Earth you tend to attempt to one-up the next, and we would say to you there is no need to even bring the consideration of one-up into your vocabulary. You are all equal. You are all power. You are all unique. You are all a gift to the Universe. You are all love. So we would ask of you to respect, to honor, to love one another. To not consider, they have more than I; they are better than I; they know more than I. For when you do that, you are not recognizing your truth. You are not honoring your presence. You are not loving yourself.


We are taking a moment to check in energetically. We hope that you are enjoying this energetic experience. We hope that you are feeling some release within your physical and emotional centers, and in this space that we are creating, you are feeling and experiencing an infiltration of joy, or perhaps experiencing some balance and harmony coming within your space.


There are many who have engaged with you today, and have given you the opportunity of engaging with those of us in a different energetic space. We hope we have created a measure of comfort for you so that you will consider engaging with us more directly in the future. We have much to offer in the way of experience and information, and are more than happy to share with you to make your experience on Earth easier to navigate.


We encourage you to communicate with your loved ones on the other side, and any special beings that come into your awareness. The closeness of these communications will assist you in your personal soul growth, and will give all beings an opportunity of growth. We cannot express to you enough the joy you have brought to us today in agreeing to engage with us. And we encourage you to continue such engagement in the future. Go in love.

Channeled through Vicki Smith

Brightly Love,

Lisa Salaz

The Tree of Life



Try as I may, or try as I might
I can’t get down on paper, what I really want to write
I write words of wisdom, but there just for me
What I want to write now has to do with a tree.

The tree that I speak of, stands tall and straight
and has many branches that carry no freight
The tree that I speak of, is one that bears fruit
The tree that I speak of, you can’t buy with loot.

Its branches have strength and carry no mold
Its branches are there for young and for old
The roots of this tree grow straight and deep
then they grow outwards to those that still sleep.

The soil it grows in is pure and sweet to the taste
the soil it grows in has no need for haste
The seeds of this tree belong to all races
the seeds of this tree have no need for faces.

from a seed of this tree, grew a brand new sapling
from a seed of this tree, berthed a brand new hatching
The wind helped create it and so did the rain
unfolding within its darkness without any pain

The darkness was found to have a light of its own
the darkness was found to be whatever was sown
with much love and joy, darkness arose and unfolded
no more woes, no more fears of the one being scolded

New to this world and not knowing the difference
everything new with all of its brilliance
light and dark was just a level of awareness
and had nothing to do with evil or fairness.

Some call it a myth, some call it a fable
some like to see all there cards on the table
It’s your mother and father, the moon and the stars
it’s your sister, your neighbor and the man from mars.

It’s a tree, and it’s you!

Robyn Brown gave me permission to post and share with the rest of you.  You can find more of her amazing work on Booksie @




Born again with a knowing of what once was,
born again to make a mark, but something went wrong!
Another entity within this realm,
abused their rights upon my small form.

And so for years I cocooned my mind,
to stop the tears and hide the fears.
Shadows formed from that lost place,
to haunt my sleep and waking plights.
My sight was blocked from my true path,
and choices made just fell apart.

Then, I thought of you, although you have passed, dear,
I thought of you, with a smile and a tear.
And I thought a thought of something bright,
and I thought a thought of pure starlight.
I shut my eyes and find the place,
I shut my eyes and see your face.
I hear your voice within my mind, so free,
saying that my own souls destiny is up to me!

So, I searched my soul and looked real deep,
and answers came that I could keep,
of a changing path to make me bold,
where signs are clear and come from old.

written by Robyn Brown

This is written & channeled by Robyn Brown higher self; connecting and expression from soul experiences; this one spoke to me.  Robyn Brown gave me permission to post and share with the rest of you.  You can find more of her amazing work on Booksie @

With much heavenly love,

Lisa Salaz