A Vision of Alice

A wonderful, heartwarming poem channeled from Alice, who is on the other side, and had committed suicide, comforting her sister, Catharine, who she left behind. Thank you, Catharine for giving us permission to share this powerful message with others who may be grieving over a loss of a loved one. It is so beautiful, so powerful, and carries so much wisdom!

A Vision of Alice

I saw you in a vision
In the circle of my soul.
You came to me so stealthfully.
So peaceful and so whole.

You smiled from deep within you
With such elegance and grace.
There was no sign of sorrow
To be seen upon your face.

Not a word was ever uttered
But our hearts spoke one to one,
For I knew within an instant
You were at peace with what you’d done.

There was a wholeness to your spirit
That I’d never seen on earth,
That completeness you’d been searching for
From the moment of your birth.

You stood before me peacefully
Your spirit finally free.
And I knew in that moment
You no longer needed me.

For you the bond had been broken
You’d gone your separate way.
The need to live for others
Did not direct your day.

You’d come to give a message
One you hoped I’d hear and heed
For you were not the only one
Your death had finally freed.

You wanted me to let you go.
Not for your sake, but for mine.
For holding on to what was gone
Would bring no peace to mind.

It was time for me to love myself
And be the best me I could be.
That’s what you wanted me to know,
That you death had set me free.

In love our spirits parted
And a calmness settled in,
For you were where you wished to be . .  . .

And I could live my life for me.

By: Catharine
June 20th, 2005

Dream Catchers

A hoop of willow to hold the thread to catch the dreams above my head
To hold the ones that set me free that lift the veil so I can see.

A spirit thread attached and woven protects and keeps the one who chose them
From dreams of nightmares putrid breath that cling creating a wish for death.

Feathers added, spinning freely spin there magic when you’re sleepy
Coloured beads of the seers stone gives clear vision of what was shown….

Written By Robyn Brown http://www.booksie.com/religion_and_spirituality/poetry/willow_brook/expansion

Dreams are very powerful and are our most intimate experiences. They are expressions of our true selves, including desires we can’t admit even to ourselves, let alone to others. Dreams mirror our soul’s journey through past lives, deepest desires, hopes, fears and fantasies; our hidden self, the one we try to keep from the outside world, emerges from our subconscious. Every dream, every night, is unique to your own soul. There are so many key messages to resolve in our awakening life through our dreams; interpreting our dreams can help us understand and resolve problems in our daily lives – reflecting from
a loss, relationship, career, or past lives are just a few. This is often when we have recurring dreams; when we are dealing with some aspect of life that hasn’t been sorted out or laid to rest. Once these messages have been received, understood and resolved, the repetitive dream stops.

Be your own dream catcher and start journaling your dreams; you will discover many treasures in your daily life.

Come and share your Dreams…

~Always with love for all of you, Lisa

Earth Keeper Channeling

This is for you!  –  I would love to encourage you all to come read; open your heart space  allowing the energy & wisdom to flow within you!  After all the message is for each and one of us! ~Brightly Love, Lisa

Earth Keeper Channeling 10/4/12

No question was asked verbally, but as Lisa was holding the energetic space for me, she was thinking: What Earth chakra needs the most assistance? It is interesting to see what information was channeled..

We have been watching and listening to the two of you, and are very pleased with the energy that is emitted from your heart space. We would like to encourage all Earth Beings to settle more in that space of their heart, for in that space there is the possibility of much growth and LOVE emanating forth.

But not all heart spaces emanate the beautiful emerald green which we are seeing coming forth from your spaces. For in many hearts there is much fear, and we would like to point out to all who would listen that if they would consider moving into a space of a more LOVING attitude regarding everything, they will create a process of clearing the negative aspects from their heart space. It requires patience, as some things do not dissolve quickly, as they have been carried with you, deep within your cellular structure, for many lifetimes. It is captured within the collective, and brought forth to a certain extent in each and every being. But those of you who choose to live in LOVE, breathe in LOVE, be in LOVE, have dissolved that collective aspect from your cellular structure.

So it is very much an aspect we wish you would consider to bring more LOVE into your space, and into your heart, and to disregard the tendency to sit in the aspects of energy that are not for your highest good. For if you would create this space for yourself, within yourself, you would be doing much good for planet Earth. For when LOVE is emanating forth at a high degree, everything will grow and blossom. Every space will be filled with a high quality energy which will bring forth amazing results. It will create shifts, major shifts around the globe within and without Mother Earth. It will bring a sense of relief to our Mother. It would be of great assistance.

It is time for all to recognize the importance of LOVE. Of LOVING one another. Of releasing from all aspects of judgment. Of seeing when another . . . . and commending them on the wonderful movement they have made toward their own personal growth in this lifetime. There is no need for judgment to ever be placed. For each being is on their own personal journey. Learning their own lessons. Creating movement for their ascension. But many have forgotten, or lost their way, and have become mired in the negative energetic aspects. So we would stress once again the importance of bringing the LOVE into your being, and assisting others to LOVE, to remember how to LOVE.

There are many of you on planet Earth that have not had the opportunity of experiencing LOVE. It is vital. It is the essence of all life, to LOVE. Those of you who are aware and can feel the sensation of emitting the LOVE, we encourage you to assist others in bringing them into the aspect of LOVE. It would be most beneficial to Mother Earth, and we would appreciate it greatly. We are the Earth Keepers and we come in LOVE. Thank you for engaging with us today.

Channeled through Vicki Smith >http://vickismithmedium.com/

(Photo courtesy of www.123rf.com)

After note:
Love is mentioned 17 times in this article.
Numerologically 17 is a highly spiritual number
17 Restores harmony
According to the Hebrew Kabala teachings 17 is Love and Peace

When 17 is numerically broken down it is 8
8 on its side is infinity
Earth is the element associated with 8; Earth is believed to give stability to people’s
lives and also help them in realizing their goals in life.
8 in Chinese numerology means New Beginning
8 is all about balance
8 is the Karmic equalizer
8 balances the material and the immaterial