The Power of our Choices

Don’t take your thoughts to seriously; spiritual awakening is awakening from the dream of thought. Eckhart Tolle

We all are born with the knowing that we are the creator of our own reality, this passion dwells within us in a powerful way. As we began to integrate into our society we start to accept the way others “think” our life should unfold.  But we have the choice; 2013 is your time to reactivate the powerful knowing that pulses within the very core of the “I AM” of who we are; the joy of being!

You are free and always have been, for you are the creator of your own experience, and there is such satisfaction in intentionally guiding your own life to experience outrageous joy! It’s about remembering who you really are, the physical extension of source energy.  You are your very own creator once you align with what makes your heart sing; the non-physical energy that creates worlds will flow through you, vibrating passion, enthusiasm, and triumph – this is your destiny.

The stronger you link into your source energy, the more clarity you will have understanding your past and looking into your future.  Realizing your potential will take place as you focus your creative power and experience the absolute bliss of watching all manner of things converge to assist you in the creation of your own specific desires.

Remember the better you feel, the more you are allowing the connection; the worst you feel, the less you are allowing it.  By paying attention to how you feel you can continue with your intended expansion of manifestation.  This is putting vibrational harmony with a vision that you desire. Play with it as if you are already living it and see how it feels to you. Staying consistent with this thought, you’re creating an experience; this is the power of your choice.

Heavenly Love, ~Lisa


Vision Board 2014


Creating your vision board

I have been creating my own vision board for several years now and I find them to be inspirational with a loving touch of vibrational harmony.  I have already been reflecting on my theme word and my dreams & goals for this New Year.

Last year my theme word was “Inspire”. WOW! What a year it has been! I sit here with tears just reflecting on it all, with much love & gratitude to all of you!  We are creating a spark into the universe together; the possibilities are endless – all we have to do is step into the experience.

I would like to share with you the steps I took to create my own vision board; remember this is your vision board – allow yourself to shine!

1)      Pick a theme word

2)      Collect a board, glue, & markers *be creative and use anything that you fancy

3)      Collect clippings from magazines, photos, affirmations, etc. * this is where your
dreams & goals come to fruition.

4)      Creatively start pasting on your board.  Sit with each one and resonate with it,
applying love & gratitude.

5)      Sit in stillness with your board and imagine yourself already living and breathing all
the wonders you have created for yourself.  * I like to bless my board by feathering
burning sage onto my board. You can dance, sing – whatever your heart desires!  It’s
all about you!!

6)      Put your board somewhere that you know you will be aware of its presence,
reminding you of the power of your choices!!

If you would like additional encouragement and sparks for your theme word with more clarity of your theme board – I would love to assist.

 My vision board special  $25.00 for 15 minutes – You will receive a added special to this one to receive $25.00 of a one our reading with me.

Brightly with love, ~Lisa


Gift of Life

God’s gift to us is our life; what we do with our life is our gift back to God. We are on a soul’s journey seeking our soul’s purpose. We all have a higher purpose; we come to Earth to be a part of a system of energy that deals with emotions, personality, and thoughts. This involves reflecting what is within you back to the outside world; this is your spiritual evolution.

A seed of passions & dreams has already been planted when your life begins here on this earth plane. Once you’re here your life is spontaneous and decided from moment to moment. There are no limits!!

Free will is an inner feeling, knowing that you own your own life – you’re the one in charge. This is essential for joy and bringing the light of your soul into your consciousness. Like the saying goes, you’re the captain of your ship! We lose our sense of freedom as a small child when many demands and expectations are placed on us, yet as a child we have more freedom than it would seem. A child is free to see things fresh and to respond in new ways. Their experiences are not categorized or analyzed based on past experiences; they’re in the moment and have natural reactions. As we grow, feelings of freedom become lost in the process of developing the mind by looking for patterns leading to a sense of losing free will. But by not allowing yourself to fall victim to that way of thinking, you gain your power back. Freedom is something you create for yourself; it isn’t given to you or taken away. You are free to listen and follow your own inner guidance, acting in ways that reflect your deepest truth – “my life is my own”.

Being able to accept new things, ideas, and people into your life creates an ever-expanding capacity for joy. Embracing new ways and being open to having more in your life, you create more in your life and become more skilled and wise. Your heart is the center of faith through trust and belief. Open your heart and be willing to step outside your comfort zone to experience the viewpoints of the world from different perspectives. Be the director and the producer of what occurs in your life; believe the future holds joy and promise. Become wiser, stronger, and more powerful in whatever you create.

Connect with your inner self and expose this to the world through your words and actions. This life gives you an opportunity to live in greater light and joy. Bringing love & joy to every aspect of your life, you will find laughter, peace, and delight. The universe brings many opportunities for you to expand and evolve. The tools and guidance will be available; all you have to do is accept the challenges to grow beyond the skills you have by learning and growing from everything you create.

Purpose represents movement of the soul, which is the energy that connects heaven and earth. I embrace all that I am and all that I can be.

Brightly Love,