Creating a path


We all hold an undeniable substance of love that resonates to our core, often feeling like we don’t belong, out of place with society and with what it is going on in our world. Why can’t we all come to together in the high vibrations that we all are aware of and are so afraid to express, share, and unite with?  Wouldn’t it heal many of the elements of suffering? Why do we avoid the one substance in life that we all share – bleeding hearts?

When we experience emotional pain, we give up and build a wall around ourselves to protect us from the world which creates more distance from each other. Wouldn’t life improve if we could only speak from our heart and share what we are really feeling, instead of from the thoughts that created our wall? Many times we fear the destruction of the wall we have built around us if we let anyone in.

We will continue to hit a brick wall until we start to take down that wall by laying one brick down at a time. When we do this we are creating a pathway to connect with another on their path. What if we step out of our comfort zone and into our heart space – what would happen? Will we be rejected again or will our love be inviting?  You see, any love you release is beneficial and healthy whether you see it being received or not.  Others may not be in alignment with you or you with them, but sparks of love are received and are worthy if they created a shift in the spirit.

Staying on your path you will meet many others that are soul searching, connecting and sharing in your journeys, knowing when to continue on until you meet the other that carries the same whisper of the soul as you do.

Each brick that was used to build your wall holds a piece of the puzzle of the bigger picture of you. As you remove one brick at a time, you are able to peak out of your wall and see a bigger world around you. You will realize that it was you that locked yourself away from many opportunities available to you that were beyond your imagination at the time. By taking down your brick wall you are creating a life of freedom, awareness, & opportunities, which leads you into much love & gratitude with yourself and others around you.

I know our paths have lead us here together….

Brightly Love, Lisa