Heart Wings

When I feel love from the spiritual realm, I feel warmth that radiates like the sun, a harmony in my heart, the most beautiful heavenly melody where the angels harmonize, and a calmness that brings the most profound peace.  Being in the company of this energy, there is no darkness that can penetrate this love.  In this Love, there are so many possibilities and gateways of higher vibrations that all resonate this same love.  The beauty is beyond anything our minds can conceive.  We can find the same beauty on earth as it is in heaven, friendly reminders of the magical kingdom where earth was created from.  We are much closer than we even realize.  If we can remove ourselves from physical attachments and get into our heart wings and take flight into this loving energy and see through our Godly eyes, we can experience all the beauty & sounds that are reminders of our heavenly home; we can hear these sounds in all sources of music.

Sit with Mother Nature and close your eyes; clear your thoughts of any outside distractions.  Just be in the oneness of being; it feels so powerful that you can actually feel yourself being lifted – floating! These are your heart wings lifting you higher and higher, seeing everything below as the most extraordinary magical place, wanting to be a part of the experience. Seeing other soul’s energy in the colors of the rainbow; we are truly energy, in these outfits that represent our physical journey, our energy becomes an aura around our physical body, another friendly reminder we truly are energy. Our physical experience is one of the greatest gifts and opportunities available to us. We get to create our own personalities, crafts, and the power of our choices to see the beauty of each of these abilities to know that material success doesn’t matter; it is the spiritual success that shows you know how to find the beauty in the experience no matter the circumstances. Success is not valued by how much you have, it’s measured by your inner peace; it’s a reflection of being connected to your source. This is your bliss where your inner light shines and radiates love in all things created from energy.  Give your heart wings and go beyond the illusion into the infinity where all matter exists.

What I am shown is this “love” still exists in our physical experience and we have many gateways to choose from on our walk on this earth plane.  Learn this love through your heart wings and you will exceed all expectations from your experience.  This is truly the purpose of our physical journey.

Give your heart wings and soar into the beauty of the world – discover a simple state of joy!

Brightly with love, ~Lisa Salaz