Wings of a Butterfly

When we come into this world, we don’t recall that we are actually spiritual beings having a human experience. Instead, we make our way much the same way as a caterpillar does; it moves along inch by inch and we move along day by day. A caterpillar doesn’t know what it will become. It makes its way, feeding and continuing to grow. But then one day it comes out of its cocoon and blossoms into a beautiful butterfly, showing that it is the source of light, colors, and beauty – displaying them with plenty of energy.

What if when we came into this world that we knew what we could become? Realizing that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, that we are the source of love, light & energy, and that we knew indeed this was a “gift” from our creator to come here to live, explore, invent & create anything that dwelled within us?

We are all enthusiastic for everyone else’s experiences; we can’t wait to see who does what. We cheer and support each other. This is all so exciting! We get to pick out what we want to look like; any color or shape, knowing that this doesn’t change the fact that we all are from the same source. It is just fun and exciting to play these choices out.  You can be whatever you wanted – the possibilities are unlimited; if you believe and see it you can create it!!

If we understood the importance of the four elements: fire, water, air, & earth and how they affect our growth here, we would go through the physical transition of aging, which would slow us down to reflect and reap the benefits of these wonderful experiences, sharing them with newcomers. Some of us choose to have families to welcome those who wanted to reincarnate, some of us would want to be teachers to remind us of our source and the history of all creations through time and how to continue the ideas of others who travel here.  Everyone has a part to create – the choice is yours and only yours!

When I became conscious of the matters of life, a major transformation took place and I became my very own butterfly! Where the light is, joy awakens me to dance in the winds of life. Life doesn’t have to be painful; it’s about my growth and transformation by becoming free to fly into the horizons of my own bliss.

Heavenly love, ~Lisa Salaz


Blog Talk Radio – Dial In Channel Up

Hello all loves & lovelies! I will be taking over the Tuesday shows for the summer. Vicki wants to take a break to rejuvenate in nature. I need your help on coming up with some topics for Dial in Channel Up/Blog Talk Radio. If there is something we haven’t covered and you would like more awareness in a particular subject to bring enlightenment to your life experiences, I would love your sharing.

Thank you!!

`Lisa Salaz