Keeping it Real

There seems to be a whisper of friendly reminders as I continue to pursue what has dwelled in my heart as far as I can remember as a young child.

My father passed on when I was 7 years old. I have often wondered why I never grieved for the fact I didn’t have a father. I did remember him quite well; he was very kind. I could feel his sadness and pain; I would just sit next to his bed with him when he was home from the hospital which wasn’t often. When he passed on he was visiting me in my dreams, so I didn’t ever see it as if he was completely gone. Finally one night in my teens I knew he would not be visiting me anymore – he was getting ready for a big transition to return to this life; known as reincarnation. I often wondered if I would know him in this life, but that thought faded with time. I truly have spoken very little about this, for I didn’t ever feel anyone would understand or believe me and truly it really didn’t matter, it was just something I knew.

Since then I have grown an intimate personal relationship with Jesus; I would talk to Him all the time, like He was my Father. Yes in the church we learn that He is our Father in spirit and indeed He was in my heart/spirit. I have spent many long hours talking with His spirit; I would always ask Him questions about this life. I would get all the same answers in the teachings of this time that other well known light-workers are sharing with all of us and which I am sharing with you in my work and readings.

When I was young it felt useless to speak about these things for it seemed that others didn’t believe how special we truly are as spiritual beings. I was shown it’s because people get attached to the life on earth and we “think” this is all there is. Also, I have struggled with church doctrine. It isn’t that the teachings are false; it’s that they have been rewritten as time went on to the point of losing the true essence from which they originated. Then again all these changes were another method of teaching us to go within for what is real; that has always been and will be for eternity – all the answers we seek are within.

I would express to Him that I didn’t belong here, if only I could return back home with Him and the rest of the spiritual realm – I could be a guide from there. However I was shown that I made an agreement to help on this planet. I was confused – if I am not able to save myself how am I able to help another?  I was left knowing that was the point – with spirit I will save myself and with that experience I will be able to help others in my spiritual knowing.

Our visits became less and less for I was to move forward with my knowing and choices, feeling afraid for I was alone and I couldn’t beat this. To be honest they (the spiritual realm) were still watching me from a distance and would show up from time to time when I was in my deepest despair, reminding me of my spiritual abilities. I would use these tools to get me out of my ruts. I kept on climbing and I still am climbing; only now it’s a different kind of climb. Speaking of climbing, I remember having dreams of always climbing mountains. Some spots were smooth and some extremely challenging which was mirroring my life in the moment.

I look back at my journey to this point and I realize that what is most important is keeping it real to our authentic self, which owns the power of our choices.  When I gave my power away is when I lost control of my boundaries and my oneness; my energy came with a lot of static.  Now that I am doing the work that has always dwelled in my soul to guide others to their true authentic self, I have to remind myself in my work to keep it real by being true to myself and my relationship with spirit. If not my work has no value.

Brightly with love, ~Lisa