My life purpose as a Channeler / Psychic / Medium

What this means to me is…

Channeling – When I channel I go deep within my core and get into my oneness, allowing my vibrations to reach higher realms. Shifting consciously I achieve an expanded state of consciousness  connecting with a high level guide, feeling their energy blend with my energy, allowing this energy to communicate to those of you here on this earth plane through my writing.

Psychic – Being connected to my soul allows me to be connected to our Creator through spirit guides.  Through a high vibration of loving energy I can see the true essence of others – who they truly are. I see past the façade they stand behind, able to recognize their soul, understanding where their fears originated from, the passion that dwells in their heart, and where they must concentrate their growth.  Most of all, I can see the earliest and beautiful “self” existing deep within the personality of each person I meet.

Medium – When a person passes over they become pure energy. I open myself up and tap into this energy, working with my guide to create a bridge between us to convey messages from their departed loved ones from this earth, allowing closure from this world to the next.

We all have a life purpose and we are here on a journey to discover it. My agreement coming here was proof that using the source within you will overcome emotional & physical setbacks as a temporary transition to unlock doors to your own self discovery & purpose here, becoming  whole and full of purpose.

I have always known spirit to be real. At one point in my life I dismissed it because I didn’t have any proof or explanation for what I was feeling and seeing, to the point I thought I was making it up, believing something wasn’t right with me.  I still had this deep sensation it was all true – that our soul is eternal and that the spiritual realm is a lot closer than we perceived. There was a deeper love there and I would get so sad watching others here abusing love. It wasn’t the same love I knew of – I would not see that same love anywhere in this world, only through what I would feel from the angels and guides.  If we could only believe in this love the world would be peaceful.

Even though I dismissed it I was always still using these gifts with others and myself, sharing what spirit was conveying to me. I would just never say it was from spirit, fearing labels and their lack of acceptance. Although I went through many highs and lows in my life, I always held onto the spark that I believed with all my soul to be true as my guiding light; I have been able to rise above my adversities using my spiritual tools. My heart’s passion and desire in my sharing with spirit was to pass this knowing onto others to help them heal and move beyond all false beliefs into the realization of what powerful spiritual beings they truly are; thy “self” has more substance than anything you can find here on this earth.

Heaven is all around us through mother earth – we can see it when we look into each other’s eyes (the windows to the soul).

We all are of the Creator. Isn’t it time we share our gifts? It may be as an artist, singer, builder, physician, scientist, technologist, writer, etc. We are all unique and special in our own way; we may have things in common but that doesn’t make us the same.  Everyone’s gifts have a purpose in this world and for each other.  Honor your abilities and use them for the highest good of others.

What this means to me is that it validates everything that I feel and believe in my heart to be so. The proof is in my own experiences, blessing me with the opportunity to share, guide, and encourage all walks of life using my abilities as a channeler, psychic & medium. My sole purpose is working with spirit to help others dig deeper and move beyond any fears to find the hidden gifts waiting to be manifested in their life for their own empowerment and to live the life they always intended.

With Brightly Love, ~Lisa


As children we arrive fresh and renewed; what we are taught comes from our care takers and others in our environment of growth. We come in with wonder and imagination, but as time goes on we lose our sense of freedom and take on fears and false beliefs and create ego-based thoughts to protect ourselves which end up causing us pain. Thinking we lost the free will to dream, wonder, and live our heart’s desires, we end up making choices based on what we learned from our care takers, losing our own freedom in the process. If we go back to the magical place of self, we find our freedom to be what we intended to be.

Open your heart to change and to the freedom to speak your own truth from the source of your own being, for this opens doors of opportunities and adventure.

It is you that you have been waiting for..

With brightly love, ~Lisa Salaz