The Evolutionary Process to our Unique Experiences

There seems to be much reflection on judgments this month, for I felt moved to go deeper to exactly why this seems to be such a real issue among us. I see it through the most outspoken or soft and even silent individuals as well as in religious and spiritual practices, even though most would claim this isn’t so! With the outspoken they just say it, for the others they will just quietly pull away or talk among their private crowds using body language and so forth.  Yes I have fallen into all of these categories, so I am familiar with this type of thought process; therefore I will share my own.

The more I journey within myself the more I have been able to see and understand the reason for my actions. It may be in the way I communicated them, how I responded with my body language or just turned my back, neither of them was better than the other. I looked deep within my reaction and allowed myself to feel what I was feeling in the moment of what triggered me.  What I have come to learn is that it never had anything personally to do with the individual that I was targeting; it was me I was targeting. I wouldn’t admit it; my defenses would go up immediately and I would justify my actions with good reasons. But they were actually “false” reasons which sounded good enough at the time.  The funny thing is others don’t believe you; they just go along with it. So there is a lesson here for all that are involved in this circle.

When it comes down to it my reactions were coming from my hurt feelings from many other experiences starting from a very early age.  First I was quite confused by my reactions; I knew deep down I didn’t have a problem with the person, so maybe it was something else. I tried to “think” of what it could be – just couldn’t nail it. It got to the point that I grew tired of trying to come up with what I “thought” was the problem. As I said my reaction came from my hurt feelings; in order to get to the root of the problem I had to feel my feelings.

In my soul searching I have done a lot of clearing and cleansing of my thought process, I have the clarity to see things as is, not how I think they should be using my ego defenses.

You see the truth is we are all from the same source, which I refer to as God. Things in this realm don’t matter – the color of your skin, your religion or background, whether you are tall/short, pretty/ugly, thin/fat etc.. These conditions were chosen by us to challenge us to find our way back to our true “God” self; we are spiritual beings having a human experience. We become so attached to this human form and give it so much authority, but in all truth none of it really matters in the long run other than for you to figure that out for yourself that we are all part of the Namaste’ “oneness”.

We are all on a journey with many pathways. We experience life in different ways but are learning the same lessons – we are all in this together. If we would filter our feelings through our heart we would be able to see what is right in ourselves and others and wouldn’t have to judge or criticize.

We are all simply on a different path to our own unique self discoveries.

Brightly with love, ~Lisa