Real People, Real Stories!

I am creating a new series called “Real People, Real Stories” that will be a monthly addition to Dial In Channel Up. With your help I will be bringing in real people from all walks of life from around the world to share their stories of determination & perseverance and how they triumphed in spite of the odds. I’m doing this to help us all connect, grow, and receive new inspiration to help us through our own trials & tribulations.
If you know anyone with an extraordinary story I am open to all pathways; anything that can be an inspiration to others. Please contact me.

I am looking at launching this January 2014 – I am in the creating and gathering stage now; I would love to hear from you!

Brightly with Love,

~Lisa Salaz


Spirit Lives!

Yes we do survive death! Remember this title for it will be on bookshelves soon! “Spirit Lives!” – Listen to what the author (Dr. John Muciaccia) has to say about his experience and what inspired him on his journey to write this book which was guided by spirit! Our loved ones become even more dynamic in the afterlife!!

Divine Love, ~Lisa Salaz