Whispers of my Soul

The whispers of my soul are overflowing with joy, love and gratitude for spirit guiding me through all my adversities and for the connection with others in my life that helped me through my trials and tribulations. This helped me to see that the labels people attempted to put on me actually didn’t apply and that my fears had no power over me.  My love for spirit and the guidance of their love always kept me on my path and helped me to believe in something that could not be seen in the physical. Spirit helped me to stay true to the awareness in my heart and was my guiding light out of the situations that seemed to have no hope.

Taking a leap of faith when it seemed there was no possibility of success wasn’t easy; all I had to go on was everything that I knew that was true in my heart. I believed that all my communications with spirit were real. I knew their love believed in me and I trusted their guidance, always reminding me that I am not alone. Even when my soul was in great despair they would always bring their loving energy around me. They reminded me of the truth in my soul and that this despair was truly temporary if I only make the choice to create a shift in my circumstances through the power of this love. This love was the anchor giving me the spiritual courage to persevere through these obstacles and stay on the path of my true heart’s desires out of the many pathways that guided me into sharing this knowing here on this earth.

I cried out to spirit to help me find a way to show others what I see and feel in the power of love known in the spiritual realm. They always reminded me that I had the tools, wisdom and their guidance; all I needed was to trust, stay true to myself and the rest would come to me by responding to the whispers of my soul.

Once again I took a leap of faith and created Inner Spirit Rhythm with no idea of actually how I was going to go about it; I just knew they would guide me by opening doors of ideas and inspirations. I didn’t always believe that I was capable of what they were showing me next, but I knew spirit believed in me more than I believed in me. So I accepted each offer with love and put the energy of my higher self into the work and listened to the whisper of my soul to guide me while manifesting readings, writing, and creativity for all of those who are guided to Inner Spirit Rhythm.

I am grateful with all the beauty that love holds for each and every one of you for our connection through Inner Spirit Rhythm; I know truly that spirit guided us together.  Our journey together doesn’t stop here; it’s only the beginning of our discovery to the rhythm of our spirit and all its possibilities when we listen to the whispers of our soul.

Brightly with heavenly love,

Lisa Salaz

Magic of Change

We all have magic – magic is source, spirit, energy, light, and love put into action.

The world and life has been changing since the beginning of time. Nothing stands still, we are in constant movement through energy; the earth has taken many different forms and shapes since the dawn of time and will continue to do so.  All humans and animals have left imprints of what was from the starting of all creation to the current day!

We all have a great purpose on earth. We have all come to help each other through our own inner shifts, and we bring our gifts and abilities to help in the manifestation of earthly change.  The magic of change comes in small & large forms and in all sizes. It’s the small things that come with profound depth of true self, all being treasures in the big picture. Our gift to the world is to bring forward what is in our heart and make it our reality; it was always the true intention in the magic of change. Change for healthy living emotionally & physically through our creativity and bringing forward the source of love from the heavenly realm to earth. Creating peace, hope, joy and love for all existence.

Ask yourself what is it that you truly want. Not the house or the car… okay include the car, house any other assets. Now remember – those are “things” which come with great comfort created by you!   Alright let’s go back to “what is it that you truly want”. Go deeper, deeper, yes deeper…resonate there, what do you feel?  Feeling excited…ready to play with all the possibilities…You can create anything you want – it’s all in the power of your imagination. Sit with this for a bit and allow yourself to explore the horizons of all your sensations.

What I am feeling and seeing is an enormous passion to create a shift in humanity, realizing that we hold the God-given tools to create our heart’s desires through simplicity to enormous shifts. I know I am not going to reach every soul; that is what the spiritual realm has been trying to do all these years, especially now bringing in the rainbow children – it’s a team effort.  I am here to raise my vibration to connect with divinity, awakening in all aspects my true self to bring awareness to our abilities to heal ourselves emotionally by the true essence of love, for it is all we ever needed; passing this on to each generation to bring more peace in our hearts & homes.

What is magic? For me it is bringing into our reality what is felt & seen in our heart, what the eyes are not yet able to see, now being seen by all. All of this is being created through divinity, faith, perseverance, love, releasing, and manifesting. What is a shift? It’s a new way of being – clearing the energy and getting rid of the old negatives beliefs which create stuck energy which cause the road blocks in our lives. Any shift is felt throughout the universe and affects us all and mother earth.

Go within and see if the old beliefs belong to you or others and thank them for confirming that you have the power to feel & live your own beliefs within the essence of love. Release what isn’t yours with love; now what is your belief? What do you really believe? Keep your focus there, constantly feed this through your heart space; this helps you to detach from your old beliefs, fears, anxieties, habits and helps to get into the source of you – this is your part in the Magic of Change.

Brightly with Love, ~Lisa