Building a path into 2014

The new year 2014 is upon us; time is always moving forward and so should we. I have always taken time at each new year to go back in the past year and review my experiences, my growth, and how I choose to prevail into the new year. Yes, some years have been more challenging than others and I have to say it is in those years that I have grown strongest in the awareness of my spiritual self. Regardless of the experience, it was all there for my own personal growth; so why not embrace the experience? No matter how I look at it, it all goes back to the value of following my inner guidance. When I look back at a difficult experience I look deeper and observe my involvement in that experience; what was I responding to? Where was this fear-based emotion coming from and did it really apply to this situation so much that I ended up turning it into a downfall of my false emotions? How was I feeling deep within that I didn’t allow it to come up to the surface? What if I would have trusted that emotion and allowed it to flow into my being…just what would have happened? I would have had a completely different experience with a different outcome, only if I would have just trusted. But I’m thankful for that experience for it reinforced within me that all I need to do is have faith, trust, hope, & love that everything has a divine purpose in my growth and happiness.

This last year I have astonished and proved to myself once again that even in my weakness I can aspire through my strengths, pulling from the seed deep within where I draw all my passion from and from the wisdom of my experiences and love for spirit to create a winning situation for us all in our relationship through Inner Spirit Rhythm.

As far back as I can remember (and it goes way back), I could feel myself doing this work, I just didn’t believe that I could for I was so focused on my weaknesses that I gave that more power than my strengths. I have had gifted souls tell me this was my path, nudging me to trust it. I would give them reasons why I couldn’t do it, but they would give me examples of other amazing souls and how they triumphed through their own adversities and gifted us all with their craft, so I can to. Okay, so I thought…

Spirit kept showing me that I needed to create Stepping Stones. This is where I would lock up – I would say, “What do I know about writing and creating a mini inner reflection course?” They would continue to remind me not to worry, all I have to do is trust and they will guide me, and they did. Each Stepping Stone comes with rich wisdom and inspiration; the rest is up to you, as it always is. You see, this was spirit breaking me in and putting me on the path to create a quantum life course to empower others through their own personal enlightenment of their self. In order to pursue that, I enrolled in two amazing courses which, when completed, will certify me as a Spiritual Life Coach! My goal this year is to complete these courses and build the courses that I am guided to build. I am enjoying the process as much as I am reaching the goal.

I have to tell you I have taken up another challenge with the help of spirit to continue the Tuesday radio show “Dial In Channel Up” independently, with the continued push from spirit. I would so many times say, “No way, I’m not doing it” but then I would feel spirit’s energy move in stronger to the point I just knew I had to do it. I have to tell you after the first couple shows of tripping out on myself, I got in the rhythm of it and now I am so full of gratitude for the amazing guests I have had on the show, and for the love and support which is over the top. I am looking forward to bringing more extraordinary topics and guests, including starting a series called “Real people, real stories” in which people will share their stories of perseverance and triumph, for we are not alone and need to share the hope.

Another moment I was honored with was to experience working the psychic fair in Sedona, Arizona. I knew it was something I felt I needed to experience as well in my journey and what better place than Sedona? I met some wonderful souls and got to share this experience with very special friends that joined me on my journey there.

Inner Spirit Rhythm is a love and passion of mine, just as my family and the love we share together in our day trips around Colorado and mini vacations, when we aren’t busy in our own projects, or having loved ones visiting us (creating many more memories!).

Thank you for joining me on Inner Spirit Rhythm, I look forward to our continued growth in our realization that our path is important; it is never to late to take action on your dreams.

Forever Blessings,

Lisa Salaz