Broken Heart

Have you ever experienced emotional pain penetrating so deep that you can actually feel your heart breaking? I have. The agony of this pain is hard to bear, not knowing where to take it and just managing to breathe without it hurting. Screaming with agony within and wanting it to go away, your soul is crying to be released of this torment; sobbing uncontrollably and with all the sounds of agony coming out of you. It is so bad that you feel like there isn’t anything else left for you. 

The only thing you have energy for in those moments is just to let this burn flow and flow until there isn’t another tear left, to the point of sitting in silence and stillness, completely numb. Once that has left, feel a warm energy fill the room with love; you can feel yourself going into this deep within your core, where the wisdom of your higher self whispers to you. Some call this your guide, others say these are angels & loved ones. You just know you feel a deep sense of comfort and suddenly feel safe for a moment and the pain eases. You don’t want this moment to end – you fall asleep – the rest is surely needed. 

Something shifts when you awaken. You feel a little stronger although the shock of your experience is still there. You know you have to continue to find purpose in your existence. The only thing that is truly left is to release and surrender or fall into illness, either choice is going to be an uphill climb, with different results. You want so bad to move forward but you don’t know if you have what it takes to do so. 

Being guided back into the sensation deep within our soul is a friendly reminder in our moment of despair of what we felt in the loving energy that cradles us into a deep sleep. Recall how this love felt so warm, peaceful and full of hope. It may not make sense but just knowing that it felt real gave us awareness. We can either use our spiritual courage and triumph over our situation or we can be a victim to our circumstances and cheat ourselves out of a promised life waiting for us; the decision is ours alone. 

Our walk here was not to give up in our adversities but to honor the depth of each emotion. It all has extreme value in our being, experiencing and knowing love & compassion in all human forms, this is our spiritual experience in a human form with the intention to heal the universe as a whole. 

Love is the only thing that is “real” from this world and into the next, love heals and empowers all possibilities. Being in our human form is nothing more than an experience with the intention to guide us back home to our true selves.  

Forever Blessings, ~Lisa Salaz