The Voice Within



My name is Lisa Salaz but I never really saw myself as “Lisa Salaz”, more so as a child in a spirit/energy form of God. I’m not really sure how to explain it, I just knew it was more than just the flesh. As a matter of fact I have always felt trapped in the flesh; I wanted to be free from the body that houses our spirit. I recall one time telling someone that I just wanted to peel my skin off and get out of this body, the look that I got was one of being quite concerned. I said no more but I always knew I was not just this body and wanted to be free.

From birth I spent much of my time alone. The truth was that I really wasn’t alone; I was with spirit having conversations and following their guidance, which was very much needed. I remember we had a picture in the house of the Guardian Angel watching over two little kids crossing the bridge. I knew this was similar to what I was receiving, I just didn’t see it like that – it was more a voice within and a presence of energy. I had encountered an angel but at that time I was extremely terrified with uncontrollable tears. She stood with a very bright yellow/golden appearance; I didn’t know what it was called at the time for I didn’t have a language with any meanings, all I had was what spirit showed me. She represented love and safety and told me I needed to get out of the situation I was in; the angel guided me out of it.

As I grew I blocked that experience out with all the rest that I didn’t want to remember from that time, until later when I began reopening that part of my life. I was telling someone how I would love to see an angel and I had a flash from that period when an angel was before me. You see when we block things from our lives we block the beauty and good that came with it as well. We think that by blocking it, it is no longer there which is not true. It will come to the surface somehow, somewhere in a different experience in your life. Anyway I always had this knowing that could never be explained even though I tried many times. All that came from the attempt was that others were convinced I was corrupted from an early age – therefore I kept it to myself. As I continued to mature, I was always guiding others with a wisdom that came from something other than myself. I knew this feeling and felt safe with it, I just never completely understood it, mostly because I blocked so much of my early life.

When asked that famous question, “what do you want to be when you grow up?”, my answer to myself was I wanted to be a counselor to children and others struggling, just not in the standard way. I wanted to work with the voice within, but what would that be called? I had heard of psychics, who seemed to be like gypsies traveling around with a crystal ball telling people their fortune. I started reading more and more books from well known writers in this work and I learned that the title was “Psychic Medium”. I enrolled in a few courses which ended up confusing me even more; I sensed much of what they were saying – but what they were saying was not the same thing I knew from listening to spirit personally. I said to myself, “Well they must know what they’re talking about because they are well known with a large following”. I started taking on their teachings but the more I did the more I started feeling guilty and shameful with spirit because something just wasn’t right. I felt I wasn’t being authentic to myself and with spirit. I didn’t agree with these well known people and wasn’t interested in using my gift as a form of entertainment. I wanted to guide others as I have been guided; I wanted to help people with their unique experiences using the wisdom from my experiences with spirit and passing on messages that spirit saw was for their highest good from their point of view. I wanted to empower others from the burning flame within themselves to fulfill their lives using their God-given gifts and tools to navigate their way through trials & tribulations to a life of serenity.

As time went on I started to lose my spark for I was not doing my work in the way that I have been shown from spirit. I gave too much credibility to new age teachings; not that it is all wrong, just that it reminds me so much of the manipulation, power, control, & greed that turned me away from the church and how I lost hope in the leaders of the world. I have decided that if I’m going to continue in this work that dwells in me I will do it the way spirit guides me. Spirit knows what we are not able to see and I know every time I trusted their lead they have never let me down.

I believe in the Almighty Father God, Son, & the Holy Spirit. I believe in the teachings of the Holy Bible, I believe that I have a purpose here on this Earth journey to bring hope back into others through my own personal experiences by trusting God and his guidance using my God-given gifts in the way spirit wants me to. I also know that it isn’t up to me to change or fix anyone; all I can do is direct them back to their core feelings and help to filter out the false beliefs, fears, & anxiety that they have been taking on from an early age, in order to help them to make choices that are true and pure to who they are. I don’t make the choices for you, it is your personal wisdom sourcing from God to take your power back and make your own personal choices – those that align with your true self.

Yes, I have a gift being a psychic medium, but it is only to be used as spirit chooses for me to use. It is not to be used in the entertainment industry or for fooling others to think I can make them a genuine psychic medium by taking a course. We all have had some kind of spiritual connection whether we realize it or not. It doesn’t make one a psychic medium; it was a spiritual intervention that was needed to remind you of your true Godly self to keep you on the path that was designed uniquely for you.

My dream is to open up a home/retreat for children and those with broken spirits to rejuvenate and become whole again so that they can get back on their spiritual journey to their true self. Meanwhile I want to build courses that are always available when needed. Right now I am creating courses with audio and worksheets to download to journal your own personal experience through the course. I like these for they are easily accessible, affordable, and available to anyone at any time. I will be doing web courses later as well.

I also love the spiritually guided coaching sessions known as readings. I feel these are very helpful & healing. I know when I was deeply troubled I ached to have someone who was naturally gifted to spiritually guide me in my choices and help me see a different perspective that I wasn’t so emotionally attached to, bringing back the promise to move above and beyond my adversities.

Dial In Channel Up with Blog Talk Radio is another way I love to connect with you all, sharing wisdom and guidance from the soul’s point of view and inviting amazing guests that I am guided to bring on the show to give another perspective. These people are there to empower you to seek a deeper direction that aligns to your true feelings & passion which empowers your choices – your God story.

Love, healing, & blessings,

~Lisa Salaz

A life worth living….



The Destiny Creation & Karmic Healing courses are complete and available to guide you to kick off the process of authentic soul searching. By seeing things from your own soul’s point of view you can see and feel the difference between your core beliefs and those that are from others which are standing in the way of you finding your own empowerment.

The next course in this three part series is “Energy breakthrough”. This course expands your understanding about chakras and the effects they have on your mind, body, & soul when they are not in alignment with your soul’s point of view. I am hoping to have this course completed by August 2014.

These courses are designed to work powerfully on your own, for each one contains intimate moments between you and Source. You receive this through worksheets and audio with me sharing from my heart space to give you that spark into your own spiritual identity, for we are all special, loved, and unique with a gift that needs to be discovered and shared with everyone.

Upon completion, if you would like to email me your discoveries during this course along with any questions, I would love and enjoy responding back to you.

In Destiny Creation you will discover how to….

Take your power back which will give you the energy to manifest your intentions.

Seek deeper into the wisdom of your spiritual identity which seeds your most intimate desires to live the life you intended to.

Have a personal relationship with Source which will give you the spiritual courage to overcome fear-based thoughts.

Karmic Healing is an awakening…

You’re conscious to the fact there is more to you than just this lifetime; you investigate and piece together the tapestry of what could be blocking you from expanding in this lifetime.

What is spirit trying to teach you from all your past relationships? This is the key that will release you from previous Karma and forever change your relationships in the future.

Learn the purpose and lessons of past experiences. This frees you to newly redefine your life so that it matches your soul’s identity.

Healing your relationship with yourself and others takes you to the next level.



Spirit vs. man-made religions


I am going to have a special guest on my “Dial In Channel Up” radio show this month. On June 12th, I will have Lorraine Holloway-White, who is from England. I was guided by spirit to Lorraine while seeking answers to my prayers. I have been crying out to spirit about how man-made religions present God’s word; the issue is that what they say is very different from what I am being shown by spirit. Because of what man-made religions say I began to seriously question my own gifts and started losing my passion for my work. Through my entire life I’ve had a deep passion for this work and I prayed that I would have the spiritual courage to do it. I never really knew exactly how I would do it, but it was a longing that needed to be fulfilled. In spite of that I was at the point of ‘if I am not to do this work as I know personally with spirit, I have no need to continue it any further’.

You see, we get so caught up in man-made beliefs and teachings that we dismiss how we really feel, for we think we must be wrong if so many are following the same beat of that drum then we have to follow it too. Many of us don’t even realize why we are doing it, we just do because that’s the way it’s always been done. We don’t question it and we are left with the feeling that something is missing. What is missing is you and what you feel inside! This is what ignited my passion behind Inner Spirit Rhythm – to guide you to your own truth by recognizing your own spiritual identity – this is your empowerment!

Returning to my special guest, I was guided to click on a link that led me to Lorraine Holloway-White. From that point I already knew spirit’s presence; I just trusted and followed. Before I knew it I purchased two of her books and read them immediately upon their arrival; it was like God Himself stood in front of me. I was picking up from these pages the answers to what I was expressing to spirit in my own prayers. So far I have read four of her books; I will say that for some people they might be a bit harsh and a bit repetitive, for I thought so myself. When I pulled away from them I realized that they are repetitive in spiritual communication and I now understand why so much was being repeated. The point is to listen. Like I said, if I’m going to do this work that I feel strongly is my divine soul’s purpose, I will do so in the truth of what I know, which is what led me to Lorraine. She will be sharing the differences between a Natural medium, Sensitives, God & Christianity.

Be sure to Dial in on June 12, 2014 10 AM MST–lorraine-holloway-white-natural-medium