Sparkles of Light


Inner Spirit Rhythm is designed to create a space for all like-minded souls that want to gather and empower their spiritual identity. You may ask, what exactly is that? It is removing all the labels and false beliefs created from our arrival here on this earth, including experiences that have caused us to make poor decisions. What I mean by a poor decision is one that doesn’t align with your true feelings – the real you. We create from our ego state of mind a way to exist and get along in this world so that we will fit in and be accepted. However that doesn’t seem to work, so we are left with extreme frustration.

What is a good decision? One in which you are being truthful with yourself and digging deeper into your own spiritual well, reaching down into your core. This core is where spirit lives; it is pure energy, love and is so very wise. Bits of light shine through reflecting glimpses of hope. But after the glimpse is gone where does it go? Why can’t I get it back? Our fear-based thoughts block out those sparkles of light.

We are all thirsty for something more, something bigger than us. We know there is a God – but what does that really mean? That is all part of the soul searching…We all have our own special personal relationship with spirit, if we choose to develop it. We have the guidelines that come from God, such as the power of love and treating others as you would like to be treated. Sounds easy doesn’t it?! (Ha!) Actually, it is the more you get to know your true self. When another person gets under your skin enough you need a moment to pull back and look deeper to understand why it happens. If something resonates true, it could be something true in you that needs a closer look; or maybe it’s telling you that now is the time to move on – this energy is no longer serving your soul’s point-of-view. 

No matter where we are in our growth, we typically come up against a wall that we can’t seem to break through. We need more clarity or another perspective because we are not able to see things clearly since we are emotionally attached to our circumstances. A perspective that comes from a higher calling where the wise speak; that is a gift I have – to be able to move myself out of the way and allow spirit’s wisdom to flow through to give you that spark that is needed to jump start you again to help put you back in the rhythm of your life.

I have always loved hearing the words of wisdom from spirit; to me it is so magical. When someone once asked me, do you believe in miracles? Smiling to myself, I answered yes I do! Reflecting on spirit, when we get into alignment with our soul’s point-of-view we are receiving nuggets of wisdom; this is the power booster that is needed to create the miracle in our life that is needed in the moment.

I really love doing reading sessions, each and every one of them are special to me. I love our connection together, the soul searching, viewpoints of your pathways, energy of spirit in the room, the wisdom flowing through. I am so full of love, gratitude and joy after each reading. I can feel my clients energy shifting into a higher vibration. Sure they are still in the climb, we all are, but the point is they are aware by their choices what is the best pathway for them. Yes, we all backslide, the difference is it isn’t as destructive as it was before. I start each session with a prayer and end with a prayer with tears being so grateful for the opportunity to do this work – I am not able to say thank you enough to spirit.

Another part of my work I love is energy sessions. I have to be honest sometimes I just don’t want the session to end out of love of being in that energy. Sometimes my hands get so hot that it gets a bit uncomfortable – even with that I still love it. It’s like I fall in love with my clients in a spiritual way, if that makes any sense. I just love them as I feel from a higher vibration. I love the opportunity to work with spirit/energy, it is another part of my work I love doing.

Then we have the courses. I have to say this is still challenging me and I’m still finding my mojo on this one. I love the sharing, I’m just not so good with all the guidelines. Thank goodness for my husband; he helps me out with that. Spirit even told me not to worry about that part of it, but of course my human behavior kicks in and I want everything to be perfect for you. I have some really wonderful courses coming up; you can view them using the Courses link on my website. I made the first two user-friendly, to work at your own pace. It’s like giving you trigger points to start a journal, all you have to do is answer each exercise as if you are writing in a journal – just let it all flow. It is yours only, no one else will know what you write. It will only bring awareness that wasn’t there before, helping you to see things clearly so that you can be more open and honest with yourself.

I am truly looking forward to all other aspects of this work. I have done more than I have ever realized I could do. It really has raised the bar in capabilities that I wasn’t aware of or that I was able or wanting to do. If it wasn’t for the love of this work I would have ran another direction.

I thank each and every one of you for being a part of this journey with me and allowing me to share my gift with you.

Love & Hugs,

Lisa Salaz