Wisdom of the Soul



My work comes from a calling that has been with me all my life, but I could never put a name to it; nothing ever seemed to fit the magnitude of this feeling. I have searched and searched here on this earth plane for anything close to this feeling. What I have discovered is that there isn’t a word for this feeling! Once you feel it you just know it is God, that is how I know God exists. I just know what it feels like – like something bigger than what we know here. It comes with a power that is meant to strengthen us that only comes from the voice within, this is the whisper within that I call the wisdom of the soul. You know it isn’t coming from the human flesh, this wisdom elevates your human wisdom, when its received you just know it’s a gift from spirit. This gift was given to you with love and now you are to show gratitude and apply this “wisdom of spirit” to your life as needed.

Spirit speaks to us in many different forms, such as the voice within or it can be as I like to call it an angel in disguise – which is people that come into our lives unexpectedly. Many times it is someone random that will share words that were just for you and you know it; you walk away whispering “thank you.” Messages also come about things that trigger something deep within your core; I know many of you know this feeling and have experienced it; don’t ignore these moments. The more you pray and communicate with God the easier it is to take notice of these messages that guide you into pathways that answer your prayers.

When I tell people about my life, many of them tell me, “Lisa, you got lucky.” My dear friends, trust me it had nothing to do with luck. I have gone through my own personal hell; I admit much of it was my own doing, especially when I pushed God out of my life. I was angry and didn’t want to hear what spirit had to say. I felt it was easy for them since they aren’t of this earth – the people control what is happening down here, they can do whatever they want here and with me with their laws & beliefs. Anyway who would believe anything I have to share, say or give that comes from spirit? What I know about spirit is that much has to do with faith, something that so many let go of quickly.

The natural ingredient here is believing in yourself. When you believe in yourself you are also believing in God, believing in God you’re using your God instincts. You get to enjoy all the possibilities that life has to offer in the “Gift of Life”. The abundance of this life comes from your “God like self”. You have all the tools (instincts) within you to create the life you seek just by being yourself, just realize that good things don’t come easy – it’s a true testimony of faith. Use your instincts which come from your senses; some refer to instincts as a gut feeling; it’s like a built in compass that points us in the right direction. You know we really can learn much from the animals for they rely on their senses to maneuver from one place to the next. We are in such awe of how smart animals are, it’s instincts baby!!

You see I gave all my power away to mankind since it is them that rule, even though I knew deep down that they were going about things in the wrong way. People still believe, accept and follow. Why? Even they aren’t even sure. They just know it has always been that way so they accept it. Coming out of the box of this belief system takes spiritual courage, for you are walking a different path that burns of truth in your soul. I took this path, so many times I wanted to run back to the old ways because it felt more safe, even though I was miserably content. I had the fire so deep within me that I was going to challenge this and go with the “wisdom of spirit” in my soul and see where it took me. If it didn’t work I knew the rest would always be there, for nothing changes there other than things becoming more complicated. I have to tell you the first part of this walk was filled with extreme loneliness. I had to shed many people and old habits out of my life. This is where so many give up and I understand. I would remind myself if I give up here do I really want to return back to my old ways which come with empty promises or do I continue the march to see what is on the horizons? I wanted to see if what I believe in my soul is to be true.

What I have found is that I always had it in me. I was so busy listening to others telling me what I can & cannot believe or do that I wouldn’t trust my own spirit. I have learned that when I was guided by others who shared words with me which I knew weren’t normally from them, or others visiting me in a quick passing, were ways spirit communicated with me – how do you know which is from spirit or human wisdom? Again it comes back to trusting your instincts; it’s just a knowing that is undeniable to the soul. 

I am in a place in my life I visioned and believed at one time that it would take a miracle to achieve. It happened and now I see that the miracle was waiting on me. I am still growing and marching and still encounter road blocks from time to time. I no longer see this as quicksand, only a place to reflect on what it is that I really want next and how it is that I am going to achieve it by listening to the “wisdom of spirit.”Inner Spirit Rhythm is all about promoting True Soul Empowerment whether it’s through a coaching session, courses, daily power boosters shared on affiliated networks or words of wisdom shared on Blog Talk Radio “Dial In Channel Up”. It is for all of us to grow together and empower each other with, leaving for the next generation to build from with the intent of bringing us closer home to the Kingdom of Heaven. It is about where we come from and where we will return to. This life is merely an experience, a temporary one; what we do with it is what matters. 

Heavenly Love, 

~Lisa Salaz