When life becomes pointless……


When life becomes pointless…..

If we just focus on all the wrongs in our life, it will all start to feel pointless. Take a moment and observe the wrongs in your life that you see in your situation and with yourself personally. What can you change? When we experience what feels like road blocks it’s time to go deeper within and find what we are truly seeking and wanting. If you have the desire you will discover that there isn’t any situation that doesn’t come with a solution. If you convince yourself there isn’t anything you can do, it’s because you’re allowing your fear to change your destiny, no matter what another will say to you that points out another direction. You’re going to stick with the story in your mind and become more angry at anyone trying to tell you different. You will find yourself saying things like, “It isn’t that easy”, “You don’t know what I’m going through”, “I have tried, nothing works”. You are still cradling your fears. In all honesty the person trying to talk to you is a gift from the universe and is doing this in the hopes of pushing you out of this hopelessness you feel within yourself.

We have a choice to stay in the same habit of feeding the “there is nothing I can do” beliefs in our mind. We justify it with, “All these things are wrong or against me. I am exhausted, overwhelmed and stuck in this mundane life”. Or you can use your mind as a tool, feeding it with the desires from your soul and with the dreams & visions that feel so real. Your highly charged emotions which filter through these visions are the fire which ignites your will to represent yourself in this world and cause real change to come about.

If only I had the courage….Courage comes from within, past the story in our mind. Deep down we are all spiritual warriors when we use our body, mind and spirit as weapons. You will face your own fears and hone the willpower to take action, moving forward with these powerful energies. Staying focused, with a clear head and determined, yet not loose, scattered, overly aggressive, hot tempered. These are fears sinking in, throwing the energies off balance. Beware of these energies and recenter yourself, continue the journey. Staying conscious you will see you can get past the ordinary circumstances. Seeking another way beyond the roadblocks you will defeat them. With true willpower you will conquer through each of your fears and succeed against what you thought was impossible.

Your spirituality is your truth, fortune and quest. Stay in the motion of the wheel of life.

You can do more than just dream….

~Lisa Salaz

A Name….

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For one moment imagine you didn’t have a name; who are you? We attach ourselves to our name and the conditions that come with it; just sit at the conscious level of just being you with out any attachments to your name. You are a field of awareness that doesn’t come with an identity created from the mind; it is knowing who you are beyond the mental image of you. We are given challenges throughout our experiences to come to this very awareness of our true being. There is a God, a powerful form of energy which represents eternal love, creation, aliveness, peace and joy. When you remove yourself from your story that comes with your name, you will arrive at this knowing that is deeper than just knowledge. This will shift your attachments away from your old story that comes with density of sorrow, fears, anger, anxiety, control, manipulation, emotional & physical pain and self betrayal through false beliefs in God. Each experience will eventually come to an end, which is many times grieved as one would with death. We are experiencing a part of death in many cycles in just one lifetime, an end will be followed with a new beginning. This is the intent if you choose to surrender from the mind’s story of you. 

~Lisa Salaz