Inner Spirit Rhythm’s Pure Intention For You!

Everything is connected in the universe and has a divine purpose which evolves each of us personally; it’s up to us how we choose to develop in this divinity known as the meaning of life. It normally takes many lifetimes of being part of this evolution with the intention of elevating your soul’s wisdom through many different experiences to reach your desired outcome. Seeds of wisdom have been planted in all the experiences staged for you to help you seek out truth; finding the truth is the breakthrough that nourishes your soul in order to advance to the next level which will open up opportunities to enjoy a bountiful life here on Earth and beyond.

Inner Spirit Rhythm is designed to guide you inward to give you the clues to unlock passages that are preventing you from moving forward. Alternative Healing is a one-on-one session using my psychic medium abilities to move you out of the stuck energy and review it in a higher perspective to acknowledge the bigger picture, bringing back hope & possibilities into your choices. Each session is uniquely personal to you at a spiritual level and is guided with unconditional love & healing to empower you to create a healthy lifestyle. You can find this in Alternative Healing Sessions.

Holistic Life Courses expand your inner power, giving you the nuggets to do the soul searching by digging deeper in your own personal well of wisdom. This helps you to understand the reasons behind your experiences and helps you to seek out the treasure that is there personally for you. You are then empowered to break through false beliefs that led you astray, redirecting you back on a promised path that aligns within the whispers of your heart.

I am not here to tell you what to do. I am here to guide you into your own empowerment and to get you on track to achieve what it is that you wish for in your life without the baggage that causes you to lose hope. If what you have been doing is not working for you and you would like to view another alternative, connect with me in a session.

Inspired For You by Lisa Salaz

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