A Name….

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For one moment imagine you didn’t have a name; who are you? We attach ourselves to our name and the conditions that come with it; just sit at the conscious level of just being you with out any attachments to your name. You are a field of awareness that doesn’t come with an identity created from the mind; it is knowing who you are beyond the mental image of you. We are given challenges throughout our experiences to come to this very awareness of our true being. There is a God, a powerful form of energy which represents eternal love, creation, aliveness, peace and joy. When you remove yourself from your story that comes with your name, you will arrive at this knowing that is deeper than just knowledge. This will shift your attachments away from your old story that comes with density of sorrow, fears, anger, anxiety, control, manipulation, emotional & physical pain and self betrayal through false beliefs in God. Each experience will eventually come to an end, which is many times grieved as one would with death. We are experiencing a part of death in many cycles in just one lifetime, an end will be followed with a new beginning. This is the intent if you choose to surrender from the mind’s story of you. 

~Lisa Salaz


One thought on “A Name….

  1. We have had many lifetimes, many stories, & many names, none of which were for us to get attached to, only to become aware that we are more than the story. This awareness increases the density of the story with more creativity, love, joy, & peace which all equals abundance that doesn’t come with attachments to things & people.

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