Hope 2016-2017


I sit here and the first thing I feel across the lands and sea is the loss of hope. I feel this through many levels of emotions carried from the loss of loved ones, current events, personal devastations, cruelty, betrayal, relationships, loss of possessions.. It all leads to the same darkness where hope is lost and despair is felt from all avenues of life where loneliness exists with weeping hearts, desperately seeking a reason to believe anything good is left.

If only things could have been different…Where did it all start to go wrong?…..What could of I done or said differently?….Why didn’t I?

Looking back in life we all can clearly see how powerful our choices were regardless of whether it is for the good or if misfortunes travel in and out of our lives, by weighing in more on the troubles we experienced, losing sight of the treasures of life that reflects hope.

How do we illuminate hope once again? What if we would consider the misfortunes that could be transformed into fortunes, what needs to be uncovered?

Why was so much time spent with covering up our true feelings that lead us into making poor choices that went against our true self? What was we so afraid of that caused us to lose sight of the possibilities in life? Would it be safe to say what I was afraid of, I ended up blocking the flow for something better? Why did we give in so much to fear and not trust the whispers of my soul (gut) that were yelling out from our core?

Why do we feel we don’t have a say in our life? Why do we feel that if I am me it is a sin or a disappointment of some sort? Why do we feel that I live with a secret in me and it is wrong? Why does it feel so right then?

Left feeling tired, not even having the energy to figure it out, the hurdles that you face are overwhelming and you lack greater possibilities now that you have passed up on so many before. You are left living a lie by not being true to yourself….Ah yes, this is where we lose hope.

Just what if….What if we just take a look at all the great possibilities that are out there waiting for you if we just trust? What if we do trust and follow through, what is the worst thing that could happen? Having others disagree with your direction as you disagree with how others think you should live your life? Isn’t it your life to choose? There will be hurdles getting there but at least you’re going in the direction that resonates true to you. You can be more determined on the journey without the burdens of despair by being something you’re not.

What about self confidence? Am I good/worthy enough? Who am I to think I am enough to have fortune in my life? Look at my past and the weight of my family’s beliefs – am I deserving enough? Will the ones I love still love me? What if I fail and am left alone with shame? Why do I feel like I am already alone with shame? Have I failed already, why do I feel like I have?

What is missing is me! Could the reason things aren’t working out be that I am marching in a circle? Could it be that there is no path, I am going in circles and feeling defeated?

This begs the question, “So how do I break the cycle?”

They say each day is a gift; a new day, a new start. What they are saying is it is my new beginning, my new start. I am not able to change the past but I can start over by taking each new day and making the change that I could have made before by doing it NOW.

There will be effort involved. Not wanting to make the effort to get there is still a part of you, but you know from plenty of experience what the results of not making the effort are in your current existence. No matter what you do it will take effort. Only now you’re doing what brings that push of wanting to get out of bed and show up in life, this is living a life that comes with hope where promises lie ahead from the energetic waves of your heart.

Changing your confidence, living your truth, having a good outlook on life, having compassion for humanity, honing the power of loving yourself to discover how easy it is to love another and receive the same love that is shaped perfectly for you to become the better you as you radiate the same to your partner and others; these all come with making the effort.

Hope really isn’t that far away….We have today.

2017 is a year of hope that comes with many changes in your daily patterns. Excuses fade as you transform into developing your life by learning new things to improve your quality of life. You show up, release yourself from this bondage that keeps you from your own happiness from emotions, false beliefs, people and things. Battle your fears by breaking through them doing exactly what it is that yearns from your soul, trusting the guiding light within you. Try again with a new improved plan when the previous one doesn’t work. Letting go of the attachment to the finished product will illuminate the passion. Understand that what didn’t seem to work out took place to help you see that there was something better waiting for you; allow yourself to grow into it.

Breaking the circle and creating a path that is now of your choice radiates hope and promise for a better tomorrow. It doesn’t mean you won’t experience misfortune in your life, but as long as you have hope you will find the good in everything regardless of how the tables turn. For there is always treasure waiting to be found, you just need to be awake to find it, this is your guiding light into a brighter future.

The universe has a driving force of energy which radiates love into your veins with hope that you will feel the energetic force that inspires you to stay true to you and live a life that spreads this love with one another, after all we are all angels in disguise.

This is your life, show up for it!

Happy New Year!!

~Lisa Salaz

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