I Love candles therefore I would love to share some clarity on how to bring your energy into setting your intention for manifestation. 
Candle colors and the attributes they hold:
Red—courage, strength, energy, fire, power, action, health,enthusiasm, love, physical passion 
Orange—honesty, integrity, attraction, adaptability, emotional balance, movement
Yellow—strength, intellect, inspiration, mental powers, energy, endurance, friendship,
Green—healing, fertility, truth, luck, happiness, abundance, financial success, nature appreciation, phsyical healing, health 
Blue—honesty, sincerity, thoughtfulness, spirituality, communication, spiritual inspiration, dreams
Indigo—piety, faith, truth, humanitarianism, manifestation, spirituality, compassion, higher-self, calming
White—purity, honesty, innocence, truth, spiritual enlightenment, clairvoyance, peace, protection, healing
Pink—love unconditional, marriage, romance, beauty, hope, spiritual healing, raises vibration
Gray—Wisdom, maturity, common sense
Brown—practicality, grounded, steady progress, protecting pets, intuition,  material prosperity, earth
After I have decided on my intention, I get a cotton ball and alcohol to clean my candle from bottom to top.  Now my candles are ready to be anointed; there are many different oils that can be used for specific purposes; olive oil works as well.  Start by rubbing from the base on up to the wick.  While you are doing this be focusing on your intention for your candle.  Place your candle in a place that is sacred to you. Light your candle and after a couple of minutes of watching the flame,  call upon your highest power, spirit guide or the archangels then release your prayer quest to the universe. I like to watch the flame dance, flicker, or just be calm.  It all depends on the energy it is manifesting. Now just trust and know it shall be done.