Higher Purpose

What is Higher Purpose?   It is the vast scope of all the things we are here to learn.  Our experiences big and small, from our job and daily activities to whatever we are involved in, has to do with our higher purpose.

How do our activities fit into our higher purpose?   Some examples are learning to be selfless, personal growth, and loving unconditionally.  Many different lessons of higher purpose are being accomplished here.  Another example would involve an artist; they are here to create a vision through their minds eye using their hands, bringing healing energy, manifesting enlightenment.

Everything is framed to our higher purpose: patience, trust, mastering our thoughts, opening our hearts, getting beyond our judgments, loving ourselves and others, abundance and more. Our Soul always has a purpose no matter where we are. You see, all participation has hidden reasons.

Whatever we feel like we can’t handle we are drawn to.  For example if you always seem to find yourself surrounded by negative energy, you are learning how to transfuse negative energy.

What we allow ourselves to have here we take with us in the other realms.  This takes our experiences higher and makes a shift in our higher consciousness.   As soon as you learn it, it goes away – the problem is gone; all for our higher purpose which is heaven on earth.

This is where I like to show you how looking at the bigger picture and how shifting our beliefs to making breakthroughs to higher purpose.


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